18 Best Youtube Movie Channels – You Must See Number 1!

Its Oscar time and in celebration of the 88th Academy Awards this weekend we have been all things movies this past week. I had a review of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (along with our first ever Youtube video) and then an interview with movie producer Adi Shankar for you over the past week. Now I have compiled a list post of the 18 Best Youtube Movie Channels.

I am a big follower of Youtube channels and also the movie industry. It’s a creative art that requires a lot of different elements such as design, photography, business, music and of course, filmmaking. I’ve always been a fan of the movie industry as a whole and an admirer of the elements involved individually in the creation process.

As time has gone on I’ve found myself digesting movie news and reviews in a digital video format instead of print. I still love reading a long-form feature in a print format but when I’m looking for a review or the latest news in the industry then I now turn to Youtube.

I have compiled together a list of the best movie Youtubers that provide reviews, critics, news or information on the industry. No moviemakers are included in this list, just channels that can help you brush off on your movie knowledge in time for the Oscars.

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18 Best Youtube Movie Channels 

  1. Name: Chris Stuckmann

Watch For: Reviews

Subscribers: 580,000+

About: Chris Stuckmann is one of the best movie critics I have ever seen and also one of my all-time favorite Youtubers. He always provides an unbiased review in an entertaining video and covers not only new releases but also films from the past. He also covers anime and every Sunday alternates between his ‘Hilariocity’ and his ‘Retro Rewind’ series that provide a very entertaining watch. If Stuckmann likes a movie then so will I.


  1. Name: Every Frame Painting

Watch For: Theory and Technical

Subscribers: 520,000+

About: If you want to look more in depth at the art of filmmaking and analyses of elements that are used in the industry such as how props are used or why a specific shot is used then this is the channel for you. Truly a unique channel that is great for filmmakers looking to learn more of the history of the industry.


  1. Name: Your Movie Sucks

Watch For: Comedy

Subscribers: 335,000+

About: New releases are covered from time to time but the real value this channel gives is the in depth and hilarious analysis on some of the worst movies ever made, such as Cool Cat Saves the Kids.


  1. Name: Cinema Sins

Watch For: Everything Wrong With

Subscribers: 5.4 Million +

About: This channel is truly unique in the way it will go through an entire movie in around 12 or 15 minutes and an pick apart everything wrong with it. This isn’t done in a nit-picky way, but more with comedic value instead. I’ve often found that if I ever wanted to remind myself of what happened in in a particular movie without watching the entire film then Cinema Sins is also the perfect solution (for instance, I found myself wanting a reminder of what happened in Jurassic Park 3 a few hours before watching Jurassic World. I search Cinema Sins, problem solved).    


  1. Name: Jeremy Johns

Watch For: Reviews

Subscribers: 1 Milloin +

About: Probably one of the most popular Youtube movie reviewers. His high energy and stand-up like approach to reviewing movies makes for an entertaining watch. He covers near enough any movie that comes out, with a few trailer analysis videos here and there.


  1. Name: Screen Junkies

Watch For: Movie Fights

Subscribers: 5.2 Million +

About: Their weekly show ‘Movie Fights’ keeps me coming back each and every week. It’s the best movie show quiz on Youtube (I haven’t actually watched another quiz show on Youtube, but if I haven’t heard about it then I doubt it will be better than Movie Fights) and provides a long-form video full of entertainment with guests that range from other Youtubers to Hollywood screen-writers. They also have an Honest Trailer series where they recreate a movie trailer and, well, make it honest.


  1. Name: Collider

Watch For: Movie Talk

Subscribers: 200,000+

About: Gone are the days that I will go through about five different websites and around 20 different articles to get a news update of what’s going on in the film industry. Now I watch Colliders movie talk every day to find out what’s going on. Their shows are broadcast live and run from Monday- Friday and cover all the latest news, big trailer releases and even what happened at the box office over the weekend.


  1. Name: Red Letter Media

Watch For: Half in the Bag

Subscribers: 350,000 +

About: Imagine a high production talk show with skits and a set. There you have Half in the Bag, which provides a very insightful look at the topics they cover. Most of all, they nail the entertainment value.


  1. Name: CineFix

Watch For: List Videos

Subscribers: 1.4 Million +

About: There is a range of content CineFix producer from reviews to Top 10’s. I find the ‘Things You Didn’t Know’ and also their ‘Top 10’ videos provide a lot of entertainment and information about certain movies.


  1. Name: Channel Awesome

Watch For: Nostalgia Critic

Subscribers: 420,000+

About: The Nostalgia Critic’s videos are the ones I find myself watching. Why? A long-form entertaining, high production review of an old (normally bad) movie with skits is a good enough reason. Entertainment and most of all, comedy are present in every review I’ve watched from the Nostalgia Critic.


  1. Name: Mr Sunday Movies

Watch For: 7 Things Missed

Subscribers: 472,000

About: The analysis of trailers and movies of things we missed is truly entertaining and insightful. This movie Youtube channel isn’t just entertaining because of the presentation (which is great may I add) but because of what is being highlighted and the research and analysis that has obviously been carried out prior to filming a video.


  1. Name:Pretty Much It

Watch For: Commentaries

Subscribers: 76,000 +

About: Pretty Much It provides a range of different content on their channel. One series they run is their movie commentaries and although they only offer the chance to view short samples on Youtube you can buy the full-feature length commentary if you enjoy what you see.


  1. Name: Watch Mojo

Watch For: Top 10’s

Subscribers: 10 Million +

About: This channel is the king of Top 10’s and although their content looks at a whole range of topics, their main top 10’s revolve around films. Ever wondered what the worst movie deaths were, or perhaps the funniest movie insults? Well Watch Mojo has you covered.


  1. Name: Screen Rant

Watch For: List videos

Subscribers: 1.6 Million +

About: These videos are a little more in-depth and descriptive than what you will find on Watch Mojo, both of which serve a different purpose.


  1. Name: Schomoes Knows

Watch For: Reviews

Subscribers: 240,000 +

About: The duo of Mark Ellis and Christian Harloff pop up on channels all over Youtube. Their own personal channel covers reviews of all the latest film releases with an element of discussion with the pair on screen together.


  1. Name: The Flick Pick

Watch For: Reviews and Blu-Ray’s

Subscribers: 184,000+

About: If you want someone to give you a discussion-like video as well as reviews then John Flixster is the man for you. Blu-ray reviews, movie reviews, trailer reviews, Q and A’s and news, all presented in a very entertaining and enthusiastic way.


  1. Name: Black Nerd Comedy

Watch For: Reviews

Subscribers: 475,000+

About: Very active channel that not only covers movie reviews but also reviews of a lot of new trailers too.


  1. Name: Comic Book Girl 19

Watch For: Reviews

Subscribes: 398,000+

About: One of the best female movie critics on Youtube. Comic Book Girl 19 also covers news and discussion type videos.


There are plenty of other Youtube channels out there that focus on the movie industry. Is there any that aren’t on this list? If you had to pick your top three, what would they be? Let me know in the comments section below.

We also have an interview with movie producer and Youtuber Adi Shankar, if you would like to read it then click here.