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4 Amazingly Creative Marketing Campaigns and what Creatives Can Learn from Them

Marketers around the world are constantly finding new ways of promoting products and truly capturing the attention of their customers, as well as their potential customers. Every marketing campaign out there is working its magic because it’s creative and unique in its own way.

People see it, they get interested and eventually they decide to buy a product.

But what is a game changer in the marketing world? What makes an awesome and astounding marketing campaign that will not only get people’s attention but leave them in awe?

It’s simple really – you take creativity and you mix in a bit of crazy and bold into it.

The most creative marketing campaigns ever were created by stepping out of boundaries and delivering a message to the people in a way they didn’t expect. Whether people like to admit it or not, they love advertisements that are out of the ordinary, regardless if it has a good or bad effect on them. If a marketing campaign is creative enough to instil an emotional response, you got to give it credit despite your personal opinion about its content.

If you have an abundance of creativity and you’re looking for an inspiration for your next campaign, then here are a few most creative marketing campaigns ever and what you can learn from them.

There are Dumb Ways to Die


The video featuring adorable cartoon characters that sing about dumb ways to die will net you all kinds of awards for creative marketing. As a matter of fact, a local train company called Melbourne’s Metro Trains decided that a typical “If you fall off the platform, a train will turn you into mashed potatoes” warning simply wasn’t good enough.

Instead, they hired McCann advertising agency back in 2012 to employ creativity and create a public service ad that everyone will enjoy and pay attention to. Thus, “Dumb Ways to Die” video was born and it was a big hit.

Nevertheless, the video featured cute cartoon characters that sing a captivating song, that won’t leave your head for the next five weeks – at least – after hearing it, who describe inventive and dumb ways to die, including getting hit by a train.

Regardless of their approach, the Metro Trains ad managed to deliver their message effectively, which proves that combining creativity with a bit of dark humour can produce good results. The video has nearly 153 million views on You Tube and the campaign resulted in 21% reduction of accidents and deaths on Metro’s train network.

This is not the Best Job in the World ad, this is just a tribute.


Experimenting with traditional means of advertising, a bit of brilliant PR and social media will get your marketing campaign all the attention it needs. The Queensland Board of Tourism did exactly that in 2009 and it paid off. How did they do it? Well, they placed an ad for “the best job in the world” in the local newspaper. However, the job’s description and requirements are what really got the people going.

For a $150,000 you have to live on an island in the Great Barrier Reef of the coast of Australia, feed the fish, collect mail, clean the pools and explore the island to your heart’s desire for the next 6 months and all you had to do is submit the one-minute video explaining why you should get a job.

As expected, an avalanche of people came down to see what it’s all about – 7 million people, in fact. There were 35,000 applicants from over 200 countries worldwide and the Queensland creativity ranked their campaign on the 8th place on world’s top 50 PR stunts of all time. Their mission to inspire people to travel to Great Barrier Reef islands and promote tourism was a big success, which proves that creativity can bring traditional and digital marketing methods together to land a truly effective promotion.

Poop away with Squatty Potty


Creative marketing 101 comes out as the art of pooping, as Squatty Potty’s CEO Bobby Edwards splashes into profits. Squatty Potty’s hilarious, yet amazing video “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” is a prime example of how taking a risk and breaking through people’s comfort zone can boost your marketing campaign, as well as your business. A video that aired in 2014 features a fluffy unicorn that poops rainbow ice cream and man explaining how to improve your bowel movement using a Squatty Potty, which is a tool that helps you position yourself for better pooping.

The video boosted Squatty Potty’s online sales by 600% and retail sales by 400%, which means it wasn’t just a load of crap, but an effective advertisement. Oftentimes, this campaign is called taboo marketing, as it directly addresses the issues people have but won’t talk about – ever, such as constipation, bloating and haemorrhoids.

Still, the campaigns were more than effective, because people prefer that a solution to their intimate issues is delivered via the funny and creative campaign, rather than having to settle for a walk of shame to the doctor’s office. You can check out an interview with Bobby Edwards on Shopify’s blog and learn where he got his idea from.

Life’s Good but also scary


If you want to show your audience what your product is all about then do as LG did and scare the living crap out of them. Back in 2012 LG decided to familiarize their audience with their products in an unconventional way. LG decided to play a prank on the people by placing their 3’x3′ IPS monitors on the floor of an elevator, so when people would get in and started going up the elevator would start to shake midway and monitors would display the floor collapsing. As you can imagine the people were terrified but also suppressed because they haven’t fallen to their deaths. LG’s campaign “So Real it’s Scary” was seen by 11 million people on You Tube in the first week alone. The campaign was a huge success that it climbed to the top of Viral Chart.

However, LG didn’t stop there. One year later, they decided to play yet another prank to promote their 84-inch Ultra HDTV. What they did is set up an office for a job interview with an HDTV posing as a window showing city’s landscape. As the job applicants get cosy and start off with the interview, the “window” shows a giant meteor slamming into the city, destroying everything in its path. The room starts to shake and eventually all goes dark from the blast, while LG manages to score yet another viral prank ad called “What would you do in this situation?”


These few examples show marketers, that a way to create a truly amazing marketing campaign is based on creativity and imagination. However, if you really want to be remembered as a marketer who shook the world with their creativity, then you’ll have to be bold and think outside the box.