Running A Thriving Business When So Many Fail

5 Businesses You Can Do From Anywhere, Without Premises

With the rise of the internet over the last couple of decades the world of work has changed irreversibly and one of the huge benefits is the amount of people able to make a living online working from home, or anywhere else for that matter. Here are a few ways of setting up a home business or making money without going to work or setting up a business premise.

Teaching &/Or Tutoring & Mentoring

It’s very easy to work online tutoring or mentoring students if you have a degree or postgraduate qualification then you can support high school or university students respectively. There are so many ways to find tutoring work online and there are so many sites facilitating this type of work so don’t be shy in applying to a few to see which ones offer you enough work and which ones you prefer the most.

Writing & Journalism

There are many writing opportunities available online from working as an online journalist for one of the many online publications that exist these days. You could also create your own blog and sell advertising space and also receive payments for product reviews and plugs. There are other ways of writing as well such as writing content for SEO companies and there are so many great successful SEO firms out there such as SEO Smooth: SEO Company so just get in touch and ask if they are needing any content writers at the minute.

Online Tech Support

If you have the qualifications then working providing online tech support is a great way of working from home, at hours which suit you and in your own surroundings. If you fancy this type of work but don’t have the necessary qualifications studying online, even for huge mainstream providers such as Microsoft which will open up a huge variety of jobs, clients and opportunities for you.

Graphic Design

If you are of a creative persuasion then it is very possible to make a living providing graphic design services form the comfort of your own home. There is so much digital design for online videos, websites and more and even if your customers are looking for more traditional print design you can always get an account with a printing company and get discounts for the volume of work you will bring in to them and profit from the lower costs that way. There are even lots of online sites where potential customers post projects and you can get the work such as

Online Retail

Anyone can start an online retail business these days, whether it’s selling products you’ve made yourself, such as arts, crafts or anything else or you could buy products in bulk and then sell them on. There’s even a way of selling online without even having any stock through dropshipping where you sell products on behalf of a much larger company who store and send out the products and you pay them for the product while taking a mark-up from your customers.