99 Best photographers to follow on Instagram

99 Best photographers to follow on Instagram

Who are the best photographers to follow on Instagram?


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Instagram is a tool that can be used far beyond just keeping in touch with friends and family but also as a way to create your own personal feed of creatives such as photographers, travelling to all corners of the globe. If anyone were to look at my Instagram feed then they would find a curated list of photographers, designers, artists and other creatives, dominating the number of personal accounts I’m following.

Growing your own Instagram account is a priority for any business but in order to make sure you are doing this in an authentic way you should avoid any option of gaining fake followers or using ‘bots’. Using a professional service, powered by AI is a great option for increasing your Instagram followers.

One of my favourite genres of Instagram accounts to follow is ‘Photographers’ and ‘Travel Photographers’ due to the diversity and endless creativity in finding new shots and locations. The reason I class this as one of my favourite genres is due to the vast range of locations mixed with the photographer’s own individual style.

Near enough every photo is different, and even when you spot the same location it tends to have a new twist. Yes, famous tourist attractions and locations tend to result in similar, if not identical photos such as the famous ‘Spirit Island’ in Canada, but with this curated list, even by the off chance you do see one of these locations then they are highlighted in a new creative way.

The majority of this lists consists of travel photographers, and the reason why is purely because through following their feed you will get a broad range of different photos for multiple topics. Travel is something that resonates with most people and following travel photographers is a great way to discover new places, restaurants, shops, cultures, products, food or purely just highlight something unique or amazing.

Below you can find a list of the 99 best photographers to follow on Instagram. Please note that this list is in no particular order and that there are loads of fantastic photographers not on this list. This list would be never-ending if it was to include everyone, and some the best photographers aren’t active on Instagram too. This is my personal list of the best people to follow on Instagram, though this list is ever-changing and I’m sure it would probably be double this length is someone asked me to name the best photographers on Instagram this time next year.

Someone else’s list is sure to be different to mine so please leave a comment at the bottom of this article telling me the best photographers on Instagram that are not included on this list.

This list looks at some well-known photographers and personalities on Instagram and some lesser-known people. Some people on this list have between 1k-10k followers (and really should have more) and others have anything up to 1 million (with one account being over 1m followers). There is one account that has stunning photography and I personally love but isn’t included on this list as it has over 30m followers. I feel like NatGeo should be highlighted as an account you should follow but with 30m followers it seems that the majority of people reading this list would already be aware of this account. If not then give that account a follow from the hyperlink below.

Some of the creatives below I have also conducted interviews with for the 1st magazine issue of 99 Percent Lifestyle. Links are supplied throughout this list. where you can quickly navigate to the interviews if you would like to read more about that particular creative.

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Okay and now for the list of the 99 best photographers to follow on Instagram.

1. Daniel Seung Lee62k Followers Daniel Seung Lee is a New York photographer from LA. Consistent great portrait and lifestyle photography.   


2. Finn Beales: 485k Followers

Great lifestyle and landscape photographer from Wales. I recommend you check out some of my personal favourite photos from when he was in Canada. He also photographs for Cereal Magazine. Check out my interview with the photographer to find out more about his story.


Coastal strolls in West Wales. Kids in tow… the promise of ice cream.

A photo posted by Finn Beales (@finn) on


3. Slice of Pai: 114k Followers

Joann Pai is a food photographer from Vancouver and the photographer of Slice of Pai. Be warned you could become very hungry from following this account.    

  4. Chris Ozer659k Followers The jazz pianist turned photographer based in New York can make even the simplest of objects look beautiful.


Accord, New York A photo posted by Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) on

5. Oli Sansom9k Followers Really as artistic as wedding photography can get, and is also alongside some great portraiture.

6. Jim Golden2.5k Followers

From Portland. His photography has a vintage style featuring a lot of old classic cars. I recently did an interview with him, stay tuned to the site as its coming very soon.


7. Erik Johanson: 8.5k Followers

From Sweden and now based in Berlin. A behind the scenes look at the photographer renowned for his fantastic photo manipulation.  


Testprintin’ ??? A photo posted by Erik Johansson (@alltelleringet) on

  8. Eva Kosmas Flores109k Followers Food Photographer from Portland with a very organic and rustic approach to how the food is portrayed.

9. Chris Burkard986k Followers   Based in California, Chris is one of the most popular landscape photographers on Instagram with almost 1 million followers. 

10. Alex Strohl727k Followers

One of my personal favourite photographers of all time. The landscape photographer is founder of Stay and Wander and some captures some of the best symmetrical photography that you will find on Instagram.


Colchuck Lake #stayandwander

A photo posted by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on


11. Adrian Steirn: 164k Followers

Photojournalist, filmmaker and nature photographer based in South Africa.  

  12. Talia White: 3.5k Followers Fashion photographer based in Birmingham, UK. Check out our interview with the young photographer we did in issue 1 here to discover her story.


Featured in @plenilunemag Model | @tamdexter Mua | @kari.kari.kari.kari Stylist & Accessories | @rougepony Dress | @flutterbydaisy ? A photo posted by Talia White (@taliawhitephotography) on

13. 13th Witness: 584k Followers  A very diverse portfolio, mainly showing dark and urban photography.  


A photo posted by 13thwitness (@13thwitness) on

14. Expert Vagabond: 30k Followers

A world wide traveler that will make you want to do the same.

  15. Jared Chambers: 495k Followers Based in LA. Great landscape photography but also has a great classic style – every image is consistently beautiful.  


41 Continental. A photo posted by Jared Chambers (@jaredchambers) on

16. Andrea Dabene265k Followers

French  landscape photographer traveling across the world. Be sure to watch out for the occasional ballerina pose.


In the Basque Country for a few days! Thank you @diedene for helping me on #thatlittleskirt photo

A photo posted by Andrea Dabene (@andreadabene) on

  17. Michael O’Neil: 688k Followers Designer turned photographer based in New York. Minimalist photographer and his work revolves around the idea that less is more.


Two of my best buds. A photo posted by Michael O’Neal (@moneal) on


18. Things Organized Neatly13.1k Followers

Exactly as the name suggests. If you want things organised neatly then this is the account to follow.

  19. Conor McDonnell: 36.4k Followers Famous for taking the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding photo that was once the most liked Instagram photo ever. This photographer is always on the move touring with artists all over the world. He gives you great behind the scenes looks at music events and tours a lot with Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding.


Behind our video screens at the back of stage before the madness @converse @officeshoes #ChuckII A photo posted by Conor McDonnell (@conormcdphoto) on


20. Benjamin Heath: 783k Followers

LA lawyer turned photographer has a unique style to his work. Every photo appears bright and colourful and makes you want to explore, simply from the first photo you see.


A photo posted by Benjamin Heath (@benjaminheath) on

  21. Sam Alive218k Followers Born in Tiwan and now living in New York. Travel and lifestyle photographer and great photography of New York when he isnt traveling.


A photo posted by SamAlive (@samalive) on


22. Konsta Punnka408k Followers

Based in Finland. Great nature and landscape photography capturing wildlife.

  23. Kalen Emsley11.7k Followers Travel photographer and co-founder of Ten Tree.


@calsnape: “Use your creative freedom to come up with something cool.” ?? A photo posted by Kalen Emsley (@kalenemsley) on


24. Salvador Boissett212k Followers

Fantastic landscape photographer based in Vancouver.


Calm moments.

A photo posted by Salvador Boissett (@young.seeker) on

  25. Karim Mustafa: 107k Followers Great landscape photos but also with the occasional manipulated image.


Aslong as were in nature @samalive is always jumping for joy! Where do you guys/ladies prefer shooting at? A photo posted by Karim Mustafa (@karim.mustafa) on

26. Slice of Matt: 64.5k Followers

Traveler and good friends with famous Youtuber Ben Brown. Expect a lot of fantastic travel and lifestyle photos throughout this feed.


Private beach goals. ?

A photo posted by Matt (@sliceofmatt) on

  27. Adam Senatori: 850k Followers Photographer/ Pilot. Expect a lot of photos of planes and some beautiful aerial shots.

28. Vicky Navvarro617k Followers

Photogrpaher and Architect. Some fantastic lifestyle photography.

  29. Hiroaki Fukuda471k Followers Travel and Lifestyle photography all of the world from the man born in Tokyo.


All about that life w/ @scramblerducati #landofjoy A photo posted by Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz) on


30. Janske199k Followers

This account covers a lot of different areas with a stunning outcome. Travel, lifestyle, design, nature, just to name a few.

  31. Kirsten Alana146k Followers Travel and lifestyle photographer based in New York showcasing luxury travel destinations, events, food, products and places all over the world.


I’ve been really missing Italy since our all-too-brief time in Venice ended and so when @sanpelfruit_us invited me to the Flatiron last night for a sneak peek at “The Grove,” I was no less than thrilled for a chance to sit amongst the fruit trees while sipping a mocktail, watching people in summer whites play bocce ball. ?? For a very long time S.Pellegrino has been my favorite bottled water, so it’s no surprise their sparkling fruit juices are a little addicting to me. ? TODAY The Grove is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM here in NYC so get yourself to the Flatiron Plaza which is next to Madison Square on 23rd between 5th & Broadway for a very refreshing break from the summer heat. Make sure you try the Italian Ice and a mocktail!? #LifeDeliziosa #sp A photo posted by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) on

32. Mikeus: 859k Followers

UK based designer and photographer. Expect landscapes, family life and the countryside to be involved in this Instagram feed.


East Dean, West Sussex.

A photo posted by Mike Kus (@mikekus) on


33. Dan Rubin739k Followers

Designer and photographer. A great mixture of portraits, landscape photography and lifestyle images.


Over the last week, I’ve curated 5 galleries of images evoking different emotions voted on by the Digital Arts Magazine community. All the images were selected from @AdobeStock, and because I put them into CC Libraries for each emotion, I immediately had access to them within InDesign and other Creative Cloud apps, which is pretty nifty and a big time-saver. As a designer (even one who also works as a photographer), there are times when stock saves you time and money — it’s often the only way to get the image you need when you need it. Stock photography has been part of my creative workflow for over 20 years. The galleries — along with a short film featuring yours truly — are all available now over on digitalartsonline.co.uk, or check out the link in my profile. #AdobeStockEvokes

A photo posted by Dan Rubin (@danrubin) on

  34. Emily Thomas: 56.7k Followers Contributor for the Huffington Post and based in Seattle. Fantastic account showcasing beautiful natural landscapes. She is also a social media expert and I also recommend that you follower her on Twitter too. 


Always better to bring a friend when you go places ☺️ who is your favorite hiking companion ? A photo posted by Emily Thomas (@emitoms) on


35. Ben Brown434k Followers

Daily vlogger on Youtube and former kayaking world champion. This account acts as a collection of snapshots of the eventful and energetic adventures that Ben gets up to every day. You can watch his adventures every day on his Youtube channel too.

  36. Dan The Director49.9k Followers Behind the scenes look at the filmmakers life in Cape Town and looking at some beautiful locations. Check out the interview we did with the filmmaker here. 


37. Kevin Frayer: 105k Followers

Working for Getty Images in Asia and a great all-round photographer.

  38. Paul Octavious545k Followers Chicago based travel photographer and designer. Great artistic style to his work.


?????? A photo posted by Paul Octavious (@pauloctavious) on


39. One Last Midnight34.6k Followers

London based photography highlighting some of the popular locations and also many hidden gems.


King’s X Platforms.

A photo posted by nahidul (@onelastmidnight) on

  40. Steve Booker227k Followers Steve runs of the UK’s most popular mens fashion and lifestyle blogs. This feed highlights images used in his blog posts and also of his travels all around the world.


41. Nicole Eddy80.2k Followers

Lifestyle and travel blogger based in Cape Town. Fantastic Instagram feed showcasing the beautiful landscapes around her and her adventures further afield. Check out our interview with Nicole here. 


Me? Procrastinating? Never! *finds image on phone taken by @mrbenbrown almost a year ago on the best road trip ever* ??

A photo posted by Nicole Eddy (@nicoleeddy) on

  42. This Wild Idea963k Followers By following this feed you join Theron Humphrey US exploration with his dog.

43. Darryll Jones92k Followers

Expect a lot of mini adventures with Stormtroopers.

  44. Jeremy Fisher: 8.7k Followers Oregon based landscape photographer.


?? // #southsister #teardroppool We took a short detour from the summit trail to enjoy the highest lake in, Oregon. A photo posted by Jeremy Fisher (@jeremy_fisher_) on


45. Backyy: 1.6k Followers

Fairly unknown account but consistently beautiful landscape and travel photos.


…if you fell down yesterday, stand up today #makemoments

A photo posted by Duykhanh Tran (@backyy) on

  46. Yuriy Trebushnoy: 54k Followers Fantastic landscape photography.


47. Dlyan Furst: 223k Followers

Lifestyle and landscape photographer from the Pacific Northwest.


Hey there

A photo posted by Dylan Furst (@fursty) on

  48. Johannes Becker:  286k Followers Based in Germany and a great travel and landscape photographer.


49. Johanthan Zoeteman: 33.8k Followers

Epic landscape and portraits are taken and showcased on this feed.

  50. Alex Taylor14k Followers Great female lifestyle photographer.


it’s all fun & games until you realize you’re playing with the mayor of vinci. A photo posted by alex taylor (@alex_the_andre) on


51. Jannik Obenhoff: 67k Followers

Only 15-years-old from Germany but photographer skills good enough to make his landscape pictures look as good as it could get.


#?☁️? ️

A photo posted by Jannik Obenhoff (@jannikobenhoff) on


52. Sam Elkins: 215k Followers

A amazing Pacific Southwest landscape photographer.

  53. Ian Andrew Nelson: 104k Followers Expect amazing landscape images from the travel photographer based in Portland.


It’s time to chase the dreams we’ve been running from. Skogafoss, Iceland A photo posted by Ian Andrew Nelson (@ianandrewnelson) on


54. Jonathan Taylor Sweet: 194k Followers

Seattle based photographer. Expect some of the most epic photos that you can get on Instagram.

  55. Scott Kranz: 64k Followers Great feed to follow from the adventure photographer and writer Scott Kranz.


56. Meldenisse11k Followers

Female style and lifestyle blogger.


abundance in the morning A photo posted by @meldenisse on

  57. Anothony Garcia: 14.8k Followers Great manipulated images on this feed.


Little dreams. #threadworkshop @threadworkshop A photo posted by Anthony Garcia (@el_anthonyg) on


58. Matt Kuma45k Followers

Another photographer based in Seattle. Matt is a cinematographer and creative director capturing the great outdoors. Also great with a torch.

  59. Tina Albrecht: 44.7k Followers Female lifestyle and landscape photographer.


When the world becomes a texture. A photo posted by Tina Albrecht (@bittadesign) on


60. Dan Lum: 73k Followers

Vancouver based photographer and amazing at capturing cityscapes and landscapes.

  61. Little Brown Fox: 52k Followers Co-founder of Field and Forrest and a great landscape photographer.


A quick stop over to Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park A photo posted by Megan McLellan (@littlebrownfox) on


62. Jongsun Park: 69k Followers

Great shots showcased on this feed, taken from the great outdoors.


sunrise before my morning coffee. A photo posted by Jongsun Park (@jongsunpark_) on

  63. Cory Staudacher: 596k Followers Follow the Youtubers and photographers life through this beautiful feed of images.


Tomorrow I put a ring on it! Getting married to @bethanymarieco! ❤️???#bethanywithhearts A photo posted by Cory Staudacher (@withhearts) on


64. Nick Noren: 47k Followers

Beautiful photography from the Northwest photographer.


This fjord is gonna be hard to beat. A photo posted by Nick Noren (@nickyduece) on

  65. Jamey Price Photo: 9k Followers Formula 1 photographer, so expect lots of cars, beautiful fast cars.


A lot of work goes into covering an #F1 race. Go read about it on @roadandtrack .com! #Italiangp #monza #formula1 #f1 #grandprix A photo posted by Jamey Price Photographer (@jameypricephoto) on


66. Jeff Bartlett: 128k Followers

Adventure photographer in Jasper National Park. A lot of adventure and thrill seeking can be found by following this account.


Mt Seven + ☕️? = a Golden morning. @tourismgolden #goldenbc A photo posted by Jeff Bartlett (@photojbartlett) on

  67. Michael Matti: 77k Followers Another Seattle based photographer. Born in Indonesia and outdoor enthusiast.


68. Rob Strok: 80k Followers

Seattle based and some of the best outdoor photography you can find on Instagram.


We gonna be alright. Sale | Selling some prints for a discounted price. Be sure to DM me 🙂 A photo posted by Rob Strok (@robstrok) on

  69. James Popsys: 4k Followers Digital artists and photo manipulator from London. Read out interview with James Popsys here. 


Bullseye ? A photo posted by James Popsys (@j_popsys) on


70. Andrew Pavlidis: 33k Followers

A great photographer and great at capturing space and landscapes.


Happy birthday @beckil_ ! A photo posted by Andrew Pavlidis (@andrewpavlidis) on

  71. Nichole Hunziker114k Followers Adventurer. Expect jaw-dropping photography from all over the world.


On the way home from Ticino #NicolesAlpVentures A photo posted by Nicole Hunziker (@nicolehunziker) on


72. Francois Dourlen: 91k Followers

Very different account from the rest on this list. He uses his iPhone to manipulate the world around him. Really fun account to follow.


Oldies but goodies 🙂 A photo posted by @francoisdourlen on

  73. Luftaffe: 20k Followers A lot of coffee cup branding, if only all coffee cups could look this good.


74. Kelvin Truatman: 11k Followers

Photojournalists and filmmaker. Expect a lot of extreme sports photography.

  75. Henry Hargreaves: 4k Followers Fantastic art work from the New Zealand based creative. Check out our interview with him here. 


76. Fun For Louis: 1.1m Followers

Joining the famous Youtuber and getting snapshots of his daily life and travels across the globe. You may want to pack a bag after looking through this feed.


Living the adventure in Norway! ?? @gopro #gopro A photo posted by Louis Cole (@funforlouis) on

  77. Devin Super Tramp: 353k Followers Behind the scenes of the famous Youtuber’s films, which see him traveling all over the world and making videos from extreme sports to Assassins Creed parkour videos. Read out interview with him here. 


78. Michael Christopher Brown: 266k Followers

Very powerful images from the photojournalist.


dancing to electronica in miramar #havana A photo posted by @michaelchristopherbrown on

  79. Around the World Girl: 81k Followers Exploring the world around her and taking great landscape shots.


80. The Blonde Abroad: 69k Followers

Travel and lifestyle blogger from California.

  81. Everything Everywhere: 86k Followers Travel photographer of the year in 2014. Expect amazing shots from all over the world.


82. Cole Rise: 923k Followers

Travel photographer from New York.


this spot comes in at number 3 for “worst place to drop your car keys.” name yours. #litely A photo posted by Cole Rise (@colerise) on

  83. Rosie Londoner: 169k Followers Female lifestyle blogger based in London. Some mouthwatering will sometimes be shared on this account – be warned.


Wood for plates and jars full of coffee? We’ve died and gone to Instagram heaven @zanitazanita! ? A photo posted by Rosie Londoner (@rosielondoner) on


84. Sarah Pour: 40.5k Followers

Fantastic adventure and travel photographer from Cologne, Germany.


Fernweh. An ache for distant places; the craving for travel. A photo posted by Sarah Pour (@sarahpour) on

  85. Brahmino645k Followers Beautiful bright photos that all seem like epic shots.


86. By the Brush: 217k Followers

Fantastic art work and photography.


as much as I love a full palette, nothing refreshes my perspective like the calm of limited color. A photo posted by laura (@bythebrush) on

  87. Leslie Kirch: 13k Followers Photographer and filmmaker based in New York. Some great lifestyle and portrait photos.


Been loosely basing my lunches on Ex Machina vibes lately. And my dance moves. ? A photo posted by leslie kirchhoff (@lesliekirch) on


88. Pededmunk: 7k Followers

Great food photography and also captures stunning landscapes and portraits.


Cocktails were few and far between but the fresh mint tea was ever flowing. #morocco #PEDENMUNKTravel A photo posted by pedenmunk (@pedenmunk) on

  89. The One With Wanderlust: 8k Followers Great travel photographer and you also get a lot of shots highlighting artistic work.


The many plates of the Minnesota State Fair. ? A photo posted by Erica Connolly (@theonewithwanderlust) on

90. Halno270k Followers Tokyo based photographer. Expect a lot of flying broomsticks.


91. Parker Fitzgerald50k Followers

Floral photographer and great artistic feel to all these images.

  92. Croyable458k Followers Dutch photographer capturing amazing landscapes.


Plotting a return to this magical place. #Canada A photo posted by eelco roos (@croyable) on


93. Zak Shelhamer: 166k Followers

Adventure filmmaker and landscape photographer.


This is probably one of the most scenic places that free running has ever been filmed. #Gopro @travelalberta #banff A photo posted by Zak Shelhamer (@zakshelhamer) on

  94. Othellonie153k Followers Landscape photographer based in Vancouver.


Summer is over ? but I’m excited for fall. Bring on the mood! A photo posted by Scott Rankin (@othellonine) on


95. Sennarelax243k Followers

Travel photographer based in Switzerland.

  96. Alexsenna49.9k Followers Artist and musician, photographic some stunning artwork.


? by @rodrigoerib A photo posted by Senna (@alexsenna) on


97. Phil Moore76k Followers

British photojournalist living in Berlin.


Airportscapes I

A photo posted by Phil Moore (@philmoorephoto) on

  98. Dayzdandcontuzd23k Followers Great exposure photography all in black and white.


Momentary Mongrel Maneuvering #losangeles #LAX #tiny_collective #NationalDogDay A photo posted by David Ingraham (@dayzdandconfuzd) on


99. Acestyles9k Followers

New York based photographer photographing the cityscape around him.

#nyc #newyorkcity #nuevayork

A photo posted by ⠀Ariel Concepcion (@acestyles) on

Thank you for your time reading this list of the 99 best photographers to follow on Instagram. Issue 2 will be out very soon and the articles for issue 2 have already began rolling out so stay tuned to the website.

Finally, who is your favorite photographer on Instagram (on this list or one that hasn’t been included), let me know in the comment section below.