99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 2

Volume 2 of 99 Percent Lifestyle

Volume 2 of 99 Percent Lifestyle looks at how creativity is an integral part of today’s modern world. We look at the beginnings and the advice of some of the world’s best creators including Youtuber Steve Booker, photographer Chris Burkard, entrepreneur Efva Attling and designers Timothy Goodman and Jeff Sheldon. In this magazine, we also look at a variety of topics across the lifestyle world including features that will inspire you to travel the world, become more creative and articles to help you start your own business. Volume 2 features a broad variety of content across the lifestyle spectrum. Discover everything inside this issue below.

What’s Inside?

  • Steve Booker

    Interview with Youtuber, photographer and blogger Steve Booker - on building a person brand through multiple creative outlets and starting a clothing brand.

  • Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk

    Interview with designer Jeff Sheldon on building the successful clothing brand Ugmonk and finding your niche.

  • Tom Aikens

    Interview with Michelin star chef Tom Aikens on becoming a chef.

  • Priceless Advice With World Famous Photographer Chris Burkard

    World famous travel and adventure photographer Chris Burkard shares some priceless advice for photographers and creatives.

  • Lana Z Porter of Vice

    Interview with Lana Z Porter, Associate Creative Director at Vice Media. Interview on Vice, anthropology and creative content in the digital age.

  • A Day In The Life Of Designer Timothy Goodman

    A breakdown of what a typical day looks like for world famous design Timothy Goodman.

  • Rob Longworth of Human After All

    Interview with Rob Longworth, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of one of the world's best design agencies, Human After All.

  • Vok

    Interview with Icelandic band Vok, on breaking into the music world.

  • Efva Attling

    An entrepreneurial profile of Efva Attling, the woman who built a jewellery empire after being a professional model and musician.

  • Gollinger Waterfall

    A travel story in Austrian landscape by California-based photographer Forrest Blake.

  • Designing Future Tech in Film

    A look at how multimedia design studios create and design future technology in films, looking in depth of the creative process used to design the future technology in Ghost in the Shell.

  • The 10 Person Rule

    A detailed look at the importance of email marketing in today's digital world with Nathan Barry, founder of email marketing tool Convert Kit.

  • Kicking Out The Gatekeepers

    How the video game industry has changed in a crowdfunding world and creating a video game through Kickstarter with Studio Koba, creators of the game Narita Boy.

  • The Creative Process

    The creative process used by designer Jacob Boghosian when he designed the logo for the hit Netflix TV show Stranger Things.

  • Great Good Fine Okay

    Interview with Jon Sandler, one half of the New York-based band Great Good Fine Okay. Interview on starting a band, Spotify and marketing your music to the world.

  • Studio Insight

    An insight into the history, success and daily running of California-based design studio Mattson Creative with founder Ty Mattson.

  • The Makers

    Detailed advice about the different paths to becoming a filmmaker by 4 of Vimeo's greatest creators. Featuring filmmakers Brandon Li, Lilly Baldwin, Anson Fogel and Gioacchino Petronicce.

  • Creative Healing

    A look at the healing powers of creativity with performer, poet and Ted x speaker Cecelia Knapp.

Plus Much More

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Limited Edition

Limited Edition

This is a limited edition publication once all copies are sold that’s it. There are only 1000 copies of Volume 2 available, including the copies allocated for Club 99. Find out all the details about the special benefits of Club 99 below. Created in Birmingham and printed in London, UK.


Volume 2 is printed on Edixion Offset with a 250 GSM Cover and 100 GSM text. The title is embossed and the cover has a soft touch finish applied to it.
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Independently Made

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Volume 2 of 99 Percent Lifestyle

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