99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 4

Volume 4 of 99 Percent Lifestyle takes a focus on the world of travel. Youtuber Dan Mace shares a gripping story of oppression during an Indonesian drug scam, Ben Page draws attention to the duality between solitude and loneliness in solo travel trips, and we speak to Youtuber Fun For Louis.


Outside of our themed features, we dive into various different topics, including looking at the impacts VR has on the education sector, we visit the Faroe Islands and hear the advice from the countries only Michelin star chef, and speak with podcaster Debbie Millman, singer Luke Sital-Singh, entrepreneur Oonagh Simms and much more. 

What’s Inside?

  • It Was Pure Oppression

    An Indonesian travel story by South African YouTuber and filmmaker Dan Mace.

  • Fun For Louis

    An interview with Youtuber Louis Cole on travel and relaunching Food For Louis.

  • Welsh Heritage

    A studio insight piece of Welsh clothing brand, Hiut Demin, with founder David Hieatt.

  • The Inner Duality

    A look at the duality of solitude and loneliness in solo travel with explorer and filmmaker Ben Page.

  • The Infrastructure Of Pleasure

    A breakdown of the architectural process at luxury destination, Porto Montenegro.

  • Imbarc Into The Wild

    An insight into starting a business in the travel sector with Julie Ann of Imbarc.

  • Creating Your Own Luck

    A look into the path of Oonagh Simms and her gourmet marshmallow company, The Marshmallowist.

  • The Cog In The Machine

    The balancing act of using VFX in filmmaking with director Haz Dulull.

  • Luke Sital-Singh and Hannah Cousins

    An interview with the creative couple Luke Sital-Singh (singer) and Hannah Cousins (printmaker) on breaking into creativity and living with another creative.

  • Going Fully Transparent

    How social media scheduling tool Buffer has used transparency in their business with co-founder and CEO Joel Gascoigne.

  • Conor McDonnell

    An interview with world-famous photographer Conor McDonnell on taking the most liked Instagram picture, shooting celebrities and saving the planet.

  • The Future Of VR

    How VR can change the way we learn with Catherine Allen, Co-founder & CEO of Limina Immersive.

  • Priceless Advice

    With the Faroe Island's only Michelin Star Chef, Poul Andrias Ziska.

  • Debbie Millman

    An interview with one of the worlds most famous designers, Debbie Millman, on building up one of the most successful podcasts and making it as a designer.

  • Brand Building

    Branding Advice with German-based start-up Blinkist and the US Packaging company Lumi.

Plus Much More!

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Print Information

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Independently Published

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