99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 5

99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 5

In Volume 5 of 99 Percent Lifestyle, our three central features have a strong reinvention theme. We speak to former UFC fighter Justin Wren about how he has freed a Pigmies tribe in the Democratic Republic of Congo, share the work of an unsung hero who has reinvented a community through education in The Gambia and we also look at Awesome Merchandises expansion into the US market.


This latest magazine also features some insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational features about business, creativity, life and our environment by some of the worlds leading creatives such as Matt D’Avella, Verònica Fuerte, Steven Bartlett, George Turner, Alex Ikonn and much more.

Three of our four Q&A interviews also feature some of the world’s most successful podcasters too. From Steven Bartlett whose company has helped get their clients podcasts high in the charts, to Matt D’Avella who has a good tactic to grow your podcast audience, each of them has some great actionable advice to start, build and grow a podcast.


Volume 5 also marks our first major milestone as a print magazine, and to celebrate we have two unique covers. Designer Verònica Fuerte and entrepreneur Steven Bartlett are both our Volume 5 cover stars, with each cover featuring silver holographic foil block elements.

Discover everything inside Volume 5 below.

99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 5

What’s Inside?

  • Matt D'Avella

    Interview with Youtuber and Podcaster on minimalism and filmmaking.

  • Veronica Fuerte

    Interview with Veronica Fuerte on Design, Hey Studios and starting out as a freelancer.

  • Steven Bartlett

    Interview with entrepreneur Steven Bartlett on building a massive social media agency, the future of audio and the importance of having a personal brand.

  • Tokyo Nights

    A photo essay by photographer Liam Wong of the cyberpunk-inspired journey of nocturnal Tokyo.

  • Alex Ikonn

    Interview with entrepreneur Alex Ikonn on building a multi-million dollar company and becoming a social media influencer.

  • Fighting For The Forgotten

    How former UFC fighter Justin Wren switched from fighting against people in the octagon to fighting for people and saving lives around the world.

  • Blue Zones

    New York Times bestselling author Dan Buettner shares his work identifying the worlds Blue Zones, and how he is applying his knowledge to help cities around the world.

  • Design Details

    Graphic Designer Erica Dorn takes us behind the scenes of making over 2,000 handmade props for Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs.

  • Awesome Expansion

    We speak with Luke Hodgson, founder of Awesome Merchandise, about their growth and expansion into a new international market.

  • Does A Picture Tell A Thousand Words?

    A look into visual storytelling with wildlife photographer George Turner.

  • Reinventing Consumption

    Writer Helena Murphy looks at how a global obsession with unfettered growth has put our climate in peril.

  • The New Electricity

    Machine learning is already all around us, but what impact will it have on us? Sonia Klug talks to AI whizz Caroline Sinders.

  • Priceless Advice

    Advice for making a magazine with Steven Watson of Stack.

  • The Hidden Hero

    A look into what defines a creative and the inspirational life-changing work of Peter Evans in The Gambia.

  • The Worlds Favourite Colour

    An in-depth look at how G.F Smith's project discovered the world's favourite colour.

Plus Much More!

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Print Information

Print Information

Volume 5 is 128 pages long and printed on beautiful and high-quality 120gsm Munken paper, with a 300gsm embossed and foiled cover. This magazine was created in Birmingham and printed in Wales.

Independently Published

Independently Published

99 Percent Lifestyle is an independently published print magazine. Every purchase of our print magazine goes a long way and enables us to bring you great content online and in print.
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Wordwide Shipping

99 Percent Lifestyle ships to anywhere across the globe.

This is a limited edition publication, once all copies are sold that’s it. There are only 3000 copies of Volume 5 available, so be sure to get one before they’re gone!