99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 6

99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 6

In Volume 6 we take a look at the environment, looking at sustainable supply chains in business and the revolutionary work of a marine scientist in Australia that has the potential to change the future of cattle farming. We also look at the video game industry to explore topics such as Esports and the industry-changing phenomenon, battle royals with PUBG’s Brendan Greene.


This latest magazine also features some insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational features about business, creativity, life and our environment by some of the worlds leading creatives such as Chase Jarvis, Frankie Ratford, Chris Do, Lee Timms, Gavin Strange, Meik Wiking, Martin Jensen and much more.

Volume 6 features a foil-blocked cover with a soft-touch finish to really add to the premium feel of this publication. We take pride in the materials used to put this publication together so that this can stand the test of time on your bookshelf or coffee table for years to come.


We have again gone for two different covers for Volume 6, featuring photographer Chase Jarvis. One cover features a portrait picture of Chase, which keeps to the 99 Percent Lifestyle style, while the other cover features the work of Chase Jarvis. There is an equal split of each cover and if there is a specific one you would like then please drop us a message specifying your preference after you have made an order.

Discover everything inside Volume 6 below.

99 Percent Lifestyle Volume 6

What’s Inside?

  • Chase Jarvis

    Interview on modern-day creativity, becoming one of the worlds biggest photographers and starting Creative Live.

  • Player Unknown

    How Brendan Greene shook up an entire industry by creating the now hugely popular video game genre, Battle Royale.

  • Frankie Ratford

    A look at the resilience and history of the creative powerhouse, Frankie Ratford of The Design Kids.

  • Gavin Strange

    Exploring side projects and time management with Gavin Strange of Aardman Animations.

  • The Seaweed Solution

    A look at how pink seaweed is being used to combat a huge environmental issue, with Dr Nicholas Paul.

  • Lee Timms

    On starting the global fashion brand P&Co, developing as a creative and how he and the P&Co team have adapted to protect the business during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • The Apex Of Live Service Games

    A look into live-service video games with Chad Grenier, Game Director of Apex Legends at Respawn Entertainment.

  • Priceless Advice

    With Oscar-nominated Screenwriter and creator of the hit TV show Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight.

  • The Gamechanger

    A profile on game-changing Michelin star chef Brad Carter of Carters of Mosley.

  • Too Many Man

    Photographer Ellie Ramsden talks about Women in the modern Grime scene.

  • The Founder

    A studio insight into Territory Studios and the career of its co-founder David Sheldon-Hicks.

  • Meik Wiking

    On happiness research, improving your quality of life and why Denmark is the happiest country in the world according to science.

  • The E-Sporting Phenomenon

    A look into the world of ESports and how it is quickly becoming one of the biggest sports in the world.

  • Martin Jensen

    On breaking into the music world, becoming one of the world's most popular DJs and marketing yourself as a musician.

  • Creative Recommendations

    With Senior Gameplay Artist at TT Games, Callum Roberts.

Plus Much More!

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Print Information

Print Information

Volume 6 is 128 pages long and printed on beautiful and high-quality 120gsm paper, with a 300gsm foiled and soft-touched cover. This magazine was created in Birmingham and printed in Wales.
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Independently Published

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Wordwide Shipping

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