Does Your Website Suck? 9 Hacks To Make It More Attractive And Relevant

Being Visible Online In Business: Why It’s So Important

Online presence is absolutely vital for modern businesses, regardless of what you do or sell. In order to stay competitive, you need to have a strong presence that shows you are active online, have an established following and that you are who you say you are. Here are some examples of how you can go about it in your small business. 


A website is essential this day in age, this will be the first thing that most customers will see of your business. It might be tempting to try and cut costs and have a go at setting up a site by yourself, but without someone with the right expertise it’s always going to lack that professional edge.This can be enough to put customers off who will be expecting the highest standards. Consider how you would feel if you wanted to purchase from a business you’d never used before and their site looked amateurish. Would you be put off? A lot of people would. Hire a professional web designer, and an IT company offering a digitale transformation so your site looks good and stays running correctly.


A smartphone app is a way for you to secure more customers. An app enables you to have all of your information available to your customers at just the click of a button, it also shows that you’re a professional and trustworthy business. There are lots of fake and scam websites online, companies with nice websites and well presented app generally show customers that they’re legitimate and trustworthy. 

Social Media

Social media is something that business owners have been really able to take advantage of. These platforms allow you to get closer to your customers and to communicate with them in a more informal way. You can quickly answer queries and questions, you can share positive comments, reviews and customer photos of your business. Having a good following and being responsive on social media is a great way to improve your online presence. 


The benefits of blogging for business have been well established. A blog makes you look reliable and trustworthy, and a good archive shows that your business has been around for a while and isn’t just a scam. It shows that time, effort and love has been put in, and can also show your customers that you know what you’re talking about. A blog linked to your website can also help to bump up your position in search engine listings as well as improve your domain authority- things that can help you to get more organic traffic. 

Online ReviewsReviews can make or break your business. As a business owner, you should be investing time into building up your reviews. Ensure you’re putting out a quality service every time, and if there are any problems they should be dealt with quickly and professionally. Anything negative can put customers off and cause them to go elsewhere. Great reviews on the other hand will give them confidence, as if others have had a good experience then it shows that they probably will too. Having lots of reviews online when customers search increases your online presence, and can help to positively sway anyone who’s a little unsure into making an order.