Blogging Tips From Average Joes Founder Stuart Flatt

Blogging Tips From Average Joes Founder Stuart Flatt

In this article we have some blogging tips from the man behind one of the UK’s largest mens lifestyle sites, Average Joes.

Stuart Flatt set up Average Joes in 2007 in his spare time and after on-and-off involvement he launched it with full commitment four years ago. Average Joes was created to fill a gap that Stuart spotted when he realised that there wasn’t much available for UK based men online. The majority of content came from American websites and magazines that wasn’t relevant to a UK audience or regurgitated press releases. Over the last 4 years Average Joes has grown into one of the most popular UK based lifestyle blogs for men.    

We spoke with founder Stuart Flatt to find out what it takes to start a blog that can one day generate views well into the thousands every month and be classed as a successful brand or business. In this article he shares some great blogging tips.   

Blogging Tips

The Differentiator

The starting point for any blog is finding your niche and your name. Stuart Flatt points out that in today’s world you have to differentiate yourself online and if not, the chances of succeeding is less likely. “It has to be a niche. ‘What are you bringing different to the table’, is what you need to ask yourself. Is it you write ten times better than everyone else or your pictures are better than everyone else, you can get access to people better than anyone else or you are writing about something completely different from everyone else.”