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Building The Perfect Work Setup For The Modern Creative

The way we work is changing, and it has been changing for many years. Gone are the days of a fixed working place, somewhere that you sit down and work in every single day. Now, working as a modern creative is all about being on the move. We have the tools and technology to allow us to work from just about anywhere, at any given time. 

Taking this information on board, how can you build the perfect work setup for the modern creative individual? Yes, it will be focused on flexibility and the ability to move around a lot. But, what does this look like?

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Multifunctional devices

As a creative individual, you need a main work device that helps you do everything you need to do. At the same time, you also need something that you can pick up and take with you at a moment’s notice. Consequently, the idea of multifunctional devices has become very popular. Instead of having a PC where you conduct all your work, you have an iPad Pro or a Microsoft Surface tablet

Why these two devices? Because they’re designed to have the power of laptops with the functionality of tablets. They can be used as laptops with keyboards attached to them, or you can hold them like a tablet. It’s the perfect combination for a creative individual that’s working from lots of different places or traveling around a lot. 

Cloud applications

The cloud is part of the reason that modern creatives are able to work from anywhere. By connecting to the cloud, you can use different applications to do different aspects of your work. As mentioned in this article titled Multicloud And The Rise Of Cloud Integration, people and businesses are now using different cloud providers for different needs. You may have Microsoft 365 or Google Drive to do word processing and other similar jobs. But, you might have another cloud provider for storage or more creative needs. 

The point is that you need the cloud to do your job, so having access to different cloud providers/applications is a crucial part of your setup. 

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Wireless capabilities

The modern creative will need to create a workspace wherever they are. As such, you want to make life as easy as possible. This means that wireless capabilities are a high priority. You want devices that don’t use wires, so you aren’t constantly dealing with tangled-up things in your bag. It lets you create a simpler and more streamlined setup that’s perfect when you’re on the move. 

Internet on-demand

Finally, a key element of the modern work setup is to have the internet on-demand. Obviously, when working from home, you have internet already. But, if you’re on a train or working in a coffee shop, you need a secure connection. Public wifi is slow and a security risk, so paying for your own wifi dongle is a must. You can bring this with you wherever you go, and it basically acts like a mini router for you. Modern devices have 5G capabilities, giving you a secure connection that’s just as fast as what you have at home. 

Working as a creative individual will see you move around a lot and meet with clients quite regularly. Therefore, you need a setup that compliments your work style. Follow the tips above to build the perfect setup for all your needs.