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Past Issues Of Creative Recommendations

  • CR #182 Blandine Pannequin

    I'm a french illustrator, graduated from ESAG Penninghen, a Parisian school of graphic design. My universe mixes colours selected with care, and a line always well felt. Each illustration is a new universe, in which I make you discover my warm characters and my reinvented fauna.

  • CR #181 Charles Spence

    Professor Charles Spence is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. Charles is a world expert in the multisensory perception of the remarkable ways we can use our senses to lead richer lives.

  • CR #180 AVAION

    My name is AVAION, I’m a 24-year-old artist/producer from Germany. I have been playing and composing music since I was a little kid and since then I have dreamed of reaching the world with my music.

  • CR #179 Gavin Strange

    Gavin Strange is a senior creative at Aardman Animations, the Academy Award-winning studio behind Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit. This is Gavin's second feature on the newsletter.

  • CR #178 Sarah Borris

    I'm an artist, graphic designer and creative director. I set up my art and graphic design studio in 2015 after working over ten years for organisations such as the Barbican, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and Phaidon

  • CR #177 Kiz

    Hey! I’m Kiz also known by my pseudonym, “Oceans” and I’m a musician by default. My supplementary occupations include lifestyle journalism and content creation.

  • CR #176 Eleanor Smith

    Eleanor is a Junior Designer at Blast Design, working with clients such as Warner Bros., UK Parliament and UGG. Alongside her career, Eleanor is the founder of Fully Justified; a platform that investigates gender inequality within the creative industry

  • CR #175 Michelle Turton

    I’m an illustrator who loves portrait, character and travel illustration, I currently divide my time between digital marketing and freelance commissions. I have exhibited internationally, and my work has been featured in books, on buildings, clothing, skateboards, sculptures and walls around the world.

  • CR #174 - Ben Tallon

    I'm an illustrator (of 12 years), writer (of 5 years) and host of The Creative Condition Podcast. My loose, hand-rendered style of illustration is indicative of everything I do - raw and imperfect. If I try to polish anything, it collapses.

  • CR #173 Taaryn Brench

    I'm an independent graphic designer and illustrator based in Leeds. Analogue methods are an important part of my practice, I can usually be found mark making with gouache and ink to bring into my work.

  • CR #172 Ian Jones

    I’ve danced around a few creative disciplines (photography, art direction, publication design) before dedicating myself as a digital designer. I’m currently working as a senior designer for Substrakt, working with arts and cultural organisations across Europe and the USA.

  • CR #171 David Wall

    David Wall is a Dublin-based designer, currently Design Director at McCann Dublin. Outside of designing, mentoring, writing and occasionally coding, he is involved in the Irish design community.

  • CR #170 Luis Mendo

    After a long career as an art director in Amsterdam, a burnout made me move to Tokyo and since I couldn’t speak Japanese, I started drawing daily which then turned into my career as an Illustrator. Now, I draw internationally for brands and publications like the New York Times, Vogue, Monocle and Wired.

  • CR #169 Seb Beasant

    Hi, I'm Seb, and the Founder and Creative Director of Torsa. Torsa is a premium men's activewear brand built on the foundation of my Scandinavian roots. I oversee the day-to-day running of the brand, mainly focusing on the creative output and identity of the brand.

  • CR #168 Nicole Phillips

    My name is Nicole Arnett Phillips (or @typographHer); I love letters, layout and ink. My work sits at the intersection of design and language. I am a: book designer / typographer / printmaker / publisher / writer / editor.

  • CR #167 Alice Pomfret

    I'm a magazine and book designer working from the fields of Norfolk. I've designed for clients such as Rankin, The Guardian & Season Magazine. Back in 2018 I also founded my own magazine named Akin.

  • CR #166 Jamie Dolfi

    Jamie Dolfi is a content creator and card collecting expert. His Youtube channel is focused on the YuGiOh trading card game which focuses on the game from a collecting point of view. He also runs a business where people are able to get their cards graded too.

  • CR #165 Hollie Bennett

    I’m Hollie and I’m the UK Head of Communication at CD PROJEKT RED, a video game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. We make open-world RPGs (role-playing games) that let you live and create your own incredible stories.

  • CR #164 Michael Omotosho

    I’m an industrial designer and inventor, and a dad of two amazing boys. Design (and problem-solving with design) is a way of life for me. It’s what I know best and what I’ve loved doing for a long time.

  • CR #163 Katie Melua

    Katie Melua is one of Britain's most successful musical artists, having received over 56 platinum awards. The 35-year old is originally from Tbilisi, Georgia and moved to the UK aged 8. Since she released her debut album Call Off The Search when she was only 19 years old, Katie has released 7 top 10 studio albums.

  • CR #162 Brendan Dawes

    I used to say I was a designer and artist, but truth be told, nobody asks me to design solutions or provide answers, so instead, I embrace the term artist, as I produce work which asks more questions than it does provide answers.

  • CR #161 Danielle Molyneux

    I’m a graphic designer and founder of creative practice, Dotto. I specialise in visual identity and editorial for mostly arts and culture clients. I bring ideas and words to life through playful typography and am a great believer in the power of simplicity.

  • CR #160 Chase Jarvis

    Chase Jarvis is a Photographer and Entrepreneur based in Seattle, USA. Chase’s photography work has been viewed around the world having worked with big-name clients such as Apple, Red Bull and Nike.

  • CR #159 Javier Leal-Olivas

    I’m a Graphic Designer specialised in logo design, branding and global advertising. I’m originally from Spain but I've been based in London for the last 11 years, currently working as a Lead Designer at St. Luke’s Communications.

  • CR #158 Danielle White

    I am a designer and letterer based in Wiltshire, I graduated from the Graphic Design course at Falmouth University in 2019. I describe myself as a wearer of many creative hats but I’m most passionate about developing my voice and style as a designer and illustrator currently.

  • CR #157 Rebecca Burrows

    I’m Rebecca, a graphic designer based in London with a particular interest in branding and typography. I recently graduated from the University of Leeds. Leading on from a placement year spent interning last year, I am excited to start my career as a designer.

  • CR #156 Chad Grenier

    Chad Grenier is a veteran in the video game industry having worked on some the best and most loved Call of Duty games ever created during. After working at Infinity Ward for 8 years, Chad left to join the newly formed Respawn Entertainment (Titan Fall, Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order).

  • CR #155 Winnie Nip

    I’m Winnie Nip and my day job is spent in a PR agency, working on creative content. I spend most of my days planning and creating content which ranges from social media strategies, live social for events and photography.

  • CR #154 Jody Woodhouse

    I'm an illustrator and designer who loves creating children’s publications. I also enjoy producing short-form animations & editorial work, but mostly love communicating through storytelling.

  • CR #153 Fraser McGee

    I’m Fraser McGee and I’m a good wedding and commercial photographer living here in Birmingham. I photograph weddings up and down the U.K. and also work with a range of commercial clients providing the photographic services from brand photography to events.

  • CR #152 Neeraj Kainth

    I am a Graphic Designer based in Birmingham, UK. I work across a range of mediums including brand identity, print, editorial and aspects of motion. I’m currently heading into my final year at BCU studying Graphic Communication where I’m involved with Type Talks, Sideline Collective and Void Lab.

  • CR #151 Luc Benyon

    Luc Benyon is a Scottish writer and content strategist, living in Zurich, Switzerland. He specialises in crafting campaigns for brands, who want to get noticed for having an intelligent, creative approach to content. He also writes for creative industry publications on graphic design, advertising and culture.

  • CR #150 Hannah Woolley

    Hannah is a communication designer and photographer, whose work focuses on brand storytelling and community building. Working previously as a documentary and editorial photographer, she’s able to bring compelling visual and storytelling elements to her work as a designer.

  • CR #149 Iancu Barbarasa

    My name is Iancu Barbarasa and I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, doing my best to inform and delight people, and hopefully even inspire. I live in London, UK, but I was born in Transylvania, Romania.

  • CR #148 Sasqia Pristia

    Sasqia Pristia is a graphic designer and writer based in Jakarta. She’s on her early footing on building brands whilst jotting down her findings and running on design literacy.

  • CR #147 John Morse-Brown

    I’m a print and product designer based in Birmingham with a love of all things analogue. My latest product is Pigeon - a modern reinvention of the old-school hand-written letter, using some clever origami and funky patterns to bring back the joy of one-to-one, non-digital personal communication.

  • CR #146 Stephanie Hartman

    I run Collage Club which is a creative workshop celebrating the art of cutting and sticking. I host sessions all across the UK and beyond, bringing people together to rip and snip magazines, paper and other materials into brilliant collages.

  • CR #145 David Sheldon-Hicks

    David Sheldon-Hicks is the co-founder of Territory Studios, a creative studio with a unique approach to motion design, visual effects and digital experiences. David has worked on some of the biggest video games and films in the industry such as Casino Royale and Call of Duty.

  • CR #144 Madhava Kalmar

    Madhava Kalmar is a Photographer specialising in still life imagery. Apart from working commercially, he also creates personal projects and works as a freelance curator.

  • CR #143 Daniel Benneworth-Gray

    I’m a book designer based in York, working with a variety of publishers, including Penguin, Bloomsbury and Verso. I also write a regular column about freelance life for Creative Review and Meanwhile, a weekly newsletter about design.

  • CR #142 Adrienne Pitts

    My name is Adrienne, and I’m both a travel/lifestyle photographer and creative director of print design, living in London. I’m originally from New Zealand, so try and regularly escape the big smoke for a dose of sunshine and blue skies as often as possible.

  • CR #141 Laura Jane Boast

    Laura Jane Boast is the Founder and Creative Director of LJB Studio – an independent, full-service print design and production agency based in Manchester.

  • CR #140 James Kirkup

    In my 9-5 I focus on looking after brands from a visual perspective, setting 'creative visions' and then getting them to that place of joy. Then in my out-of-hours time, I run a few side projects from The Football Crest Index to the odd thing I can't talk about just yet.

  • CR#139 Katy Cowan

    I'm Katy Cowan, founder and editor of Creative Boom, a magazine, podcast and forum for the creative community. I am also a communications consultant and run my own PR agency, Boomerang.

  • CR #138 Craig Bush

    I am video director and producer, making work for arts and cultural organisations through my company TAKT and then also working for hire with other productions on corporate and commercial content. For fun, I also make documentaries, short films and music videos - some serious, some silly.

  • CR #137 David Sedgwick

    David Sedgwick is a designer and founder of Studio DBD, a Manchester-based Brading and Design agency.

  • CR #136 Jon Dowling

    My name’s Jon Dowling and I run Counter-Print with my wife Céline. We’re an online bookstore and I’m in charge of everything that goes into publish our books – editing, writing and design.

  • CR #135 Liz West

    Colour is not just something I make artwork about – it’s a part of my identity, and an interest deeply rooted in my personality and being. By creating immersive, luminous environments, I invite viewers to tap into their own perception of colour and light.

  • CR #134 Frankie Ratford

    Frankie Ratford is a designer and entrepreneur based in Australia who runs The Design Kids, a company she founded which bridges the gap between studying and working within the graphic design industry.

  • CR #133 Claudia Aggett

    Originally from a small town in Lancashire, I am a third-year Graphic Design student at Falmouth University, soon to be heading to the big city to excitingly kickstart my career.

  • CR #132 Katherine Tromans

    I’m a Birmingham-based Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. I’ve worked in the industry for 8 years and I have worked internationally with design agencies, advertising and editorial clients with a specialism in lifestyle and retail.

  • CR #131 Tom Tapper

    Tom Tapper is the co-founder of Nice and Serious, a design agency that focuses on working with ethical brands and organisations, especially ones that are environmentally conscious. They have also produced side projects such as listing zero waste supermarkets in London.

  • CR #130 Luke Tonge

    Luke Tonge is a graphic designer, lecturer, and events wrangler in the West Midlands. He specialises in identity & editorial work for brands, agencies and charities. As an introvert, he finds it hilarious and terrifying to now spend most of his time on some sort of stage.

  • CR #129 Meik Wiking

    Meik Wiking, is the founder of the world's first Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, the 42-year-old has informed decision-makers of the causes and effects of human happiness around the world.

  • CR #128 Dr Nicholas Paul

    Dr Nicholas Paul is an Associate Professor of Aquaculture at the School of Science and Engineering in the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. His breakthrough discovery could lead to a massive decrease in the amount of methane being released into the atmosphere.

  • CR #127 Thom Bartley

    Thom Bartley is a commercial, event, portrait and fashion photographer/videographer based in Birmingham. He loves telling stories and photography is his way of telling them.

  • CR #126 Lee Timms

    Lee Timms is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of P&Co, a Birmingham-based clothing brand with a global audience. P&Co has carved out an international audience thanks to their focus on quality materials, high-end photography and a unique illustrative style.

  • CR #125 Gavin Strange

    Gavin Strange is a senior creative at Aardman Animations, the Academy Award-winning studio behind Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit. He is a believer in creative side projects and, by night, develops his own under the JamFactory moniker.

  • CR #124 PlayerUnknown

    Brendan Greene is the creator of the massively popular online video game Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, or more commonly known PUBG. Brendan began modding PC video games, creating what was the first-ever 'Battle Royal' games.

  • CR #123 Sean Russel Herman

    My name is Sean Russel Herman and I am an actor/ filmmaker residing in Los Angeles. I also love to surf and do martial arts. My comedy martial arts series, the Kali Karate Show, follows the life of Sensai Houston, and his star pupil Coen Mahoney.

  • CR #122 Chris Do

    Chris Do is an award-winning American Designer, Entrepreneur, Content Creator and Speaker. Chris is the founder and CEO of Blind, a creative studio based in Santa Monica that specialises in creative content.

  • CR #121 Barbara Pianca

    I am an artist, designer, maker, tutor and Etsy seller. My work is focused on creating handmade functional porcelain pieces with sculptural shapes and simple clean lines.

  • CR #120 Laura Lowe

    Laura Lowe is an Etsy maker and person behind the brand Firefly Handmade Creations. Laura makes beautifully scented, 100% handmade Soy Wax Melts and prides herself on only using the finest quality ingredients in each of her products.

  • CR #120 Emily Caplan

    I’m Emily, and work on the creative direction of 99 Percent Lifestyle with Conor! This week I’ve taken over 99 Percent Lifestyle’s newsletter, so I can talk to you about fundraising for Raleigh International.

  • CR #119 Dayz

    My name is Dayz and I am a graphic designer and games tester from Birmingham, I create packaging ideas for small businesses, weddings and events and I also make geeky gifts too. I am an Etsy team Captain and collectively we've taken part in Etsy Made Local for the past 5 years.

  • CR #118 Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz is a Michelin Star chef from the Amazon region of Peru and food was always a big part of his life there, from cooking with his grandmother using native products, to discovering the amazing combination of styles and influences in Peru’s developing gastronomic scene.

  • CR #117 Jaime Evans

    My name’s Jaime Evans and I’m the Marketing Manager of Foilco. It’s my job to make sure that our products are seen and that the Foilco name is introduced to creatives, brands and print houses.

  • CR #116 Tom Clohosy Cole

    Tom Clohosy Cole is an illustrator living and working in London. He grew up in Brighton, studied at Kingston University and has now been working freelance for 9 years across a wide range of illustration and animation projects.

  • CR #115 Jeremy Leslie

    Jeremy Leslie is the founder and creator of Magculture. The brand is known around the world for being a leader in the magazine industry with their magazine shop, a monthly podcast and an annual conference that takes place in London and New York.

  • CR #114 Charlotte Cooper

    Charlotte Cooper is a documentary photographer. She has always been passionate about photography and when studying, found that there wasn't an online space for young photographers to share their work or see the work of others.

  • CR #113 Fernando Pacheco

    Fernando Pacheco is the producer of Monocle's The Stack, a radio show on Monocle's 24/7 radio station. Fernando is also a magazine enthusiast as well as being the culture correspondent for Monocle 24.

  • CR #112 Steven Knight

    Steven Knight is a screenwriter and director who famously wrote and created the hit BBC TV show Peaky Blinders. Steven is an Oscar-nominee for his screenplay Dirty Pretty Things and also the driving force behind a project to build a state of the art film studio in Birmingham, UK.

  • CR #111 Julian Kahn

    As BLOC Brand Communication Manager, Julian Kahn oversees all branding requirements - from print collateral to video production and websites to wayfinding.

  • CR #110 Brad Carter

    Brad Carter is a Michelin-starred Chef and the founder of Michelin Star Restaurant Carters of Mosley in Birmingham. His food and approach to cooking is recognised as some of the best and most creative in the country.

  • CR #109 Thomas Sumner

    Thomas Sumner is the creative director of The Essential Journal, a national publication focusing on fashion, culture and lifestyle, that comes out each and every month featuring individuals, organisations and brands that are all woven from the same quality thread.

  • CR #108 Daisy Hill

    Daisy Hill is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Yolk Studios, Editor of Yolkore Magazine and host of Feed Fight podcast.

  • CR #107 Steven Bartlett

    Steven Bartlett is an entrepreneur and the CEO of the social media agency Social Chain. His inspirational story of going from a penniless teenager to a self-made millionaire has enabled Steven to build a massive personal brand, and in the process speak at some of the world’s biggest events.

  • CR #106 Icarus Owen

    Icarus Owen is an environmental scientist, specialising in soil science, with a long-standing interest in photography and the environment in which we live.

  • CR #105 Amy Greaves

    Amy Greaves is a Senior Publicist at Laurence King Publishing, where her job is to champion design, graphic design and architecture books, arranging events for their authors and getting them noticed in the media.

  • CR #104 Dan Buettner

    Dan Buettner is a two-time NYT best selling author, who in the 90s lead exhibitions for National Geographic to solve some of the world’s greatest mysteries, and discovered that there were Blue Zones around the world.

  • CR #103 Jenna Campbell

    Jenna Campbell is the Features Editor of Yolklore Magazine - a publication that exists to inspire people with better things to see, do and read. She is also the Content & Comms Lead at Yolk Studios and Co-Founder of the print magazine, NRTH LASS.

  • CR #102 Erica Dorn

    Erica Dorn is a Japanese’s-born graphic designer who worked on Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs. The project involved making over 2,000 handmade props for the movie for various different sets used in the film.

  • CR #101 Steven Watson

    Steve Watson has a long history of working within the magazine industry, from being a magazine editor to eventually starting his own business in 2008. His business, Stack is a monthly magazine subscription service and an online store that sends subscribers a different indie magazine each month.

  • CR #100 Special Issue

    Founder Conor Rees looks back on the best recommendations over the course of the last 100 issues of Creative Recommendations in this bumper edition of the newsletter.

  • CR #99 Lindsay Baker

    Lindsay Baker is a freelance designer from Wolverhampton specialising in brand identity, print and digital design, with over 10 years of experience working with major public and private sector clients alongside a range of start-ups and independents.

  • CR #98 - Luke Hodson

    Luke Hodson is the founder of Awesome Merchandise. Luke founded the company in his Walsall bedroom in 2005 and his company is now one of the UK’s leading merchandise companies, offering over 700 different products for creatives and businesses.

  • CR #97 - Daniel Alcorn

    Daniel Alcorn is a Birmingham based designer working with user interfaces at an agency called Substrakt in the Jewellery Quarter. He mostly works with arts organisations and also co-founded the Birmingham Design Festival in 2017.

  • CR #96 Liam Wong

    Liam Wong is a photographer whose images of a cyberpunk-inspired Tokyo nightscape has amassed the talented creative a huge following. Liam has also worked on some huge video game projects such as Far Cry 4 at Ubisoft, where he was also named the company's youngest ever Art Director.

  • CR #95 Alex Ikonn

    Alex Ikonn is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and social media influencer. He is behind multi-million dollar companies like Intelligent Change and Luxy Hair.

  • CR #94 - George Turner

    George Turner is a wildlife photographer and Nikon sponsor. His work combines stunning visuals with engaging storytelling to raise awareness around animal profiles around the world.

  • CR #93 Lisa Barrett

    Lisa Barrett is a freelance graphic designer, living and working in Birmingham. She is part of team BDF (Birmingham Design Festival) and also co-hosts Ladies, Wine & Design Birmingham.

  • CR #92 Justin Wren

    Justin Wren is a former UFC fighter, and now founder of the Fight For The Forgotten charity. Justin's work has brought freedom, food and clean drinking water to the Pignes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • CR #91 Mike Bullard

    Mike is the Head Chef and Owner of The Butchers Social in Henley-in-Arden. He has been in the kitchen since he was 15 years old doing everything from washing up to filleting fish and peeling vegetables; he was in the thick of the kitchen environment, using the opportunity to observe the art of cooking.

  • CR #90 Dan Rowden

    Dan Rowden is a web developer and big magazine fan. He was also the founder of Magpile and Subsail, which is the service that powers our subscription service for our print magazine. Dan is from England but left at the age of 18 and is currently living in Mauritius.

  • CR #89 Jan Bella

    Jan Bella is a Slovakian-born portrait photographer based in Manchester with a goal to portray people with dignity and grace.

  • CR #88 Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella is a Youtuber and Documentary Filmmaker who produces a lot of content around the minimalism movement. Matt has created two Netflix documentaries and built a large following on Youtube in a very short period.

  • CR #87 Perrin Drumm

    Perrin Drumm is the founder + director of Eye on Design, a site and magazine about the world’s most exciting designers—and the issues they care about.

  • CR #86 Helena Murphy and Ben McCabe

    Helena is a freelance writer and photographer and Ben is a freelance graphic designer. Both of them are also half of the sustainable lifestyle magazine Omnom.

  • CR #85 Leah Connolly

    Leah Jade Connolly is a music PR manager and freelance writer based in Manchester, UK. Her work encompassing entertainment and cultural commentary has been featured across publications including Mixmag, PAPER, VICE, Crack, Complex, Refinery 29 and more.

  • CR #84 Marta Maia

    Marta Maia is a Portuguese entrepreneur and founder of Nosy Wine Club. Nosy Wine is a subscription wine company that sends a curated selection of wines each and every month to customers in Europe. Maia, 24, has built this brand from the ground up since starting the business in January 2018.

  • CR #83 Oonagh Simms

    The Marshmallowist is a luxury Marshmallow brand set up by entrepreneur Oonagh Simms. Her story is one of perseverance, creating your own luck and the importance behind sticking to your brand's key values and its mission.

  • CR #82 Jesse Genet

    Jesse Genet is the founder of US packaging company Lumi. Lumi are specifically focused on working with modern e-commerce brands. She has built up a very strong brand image since starting the business and frequently publishes high-quality content on Youtube and on their podcast, Well Made.

  • CR #81 Luke Sital-Singh and Hannah Cousins

    Hannah Cousins and Luke Sital-Singh are a creative couple currently based in LA. Hannah is a printmaker and illustrator working in the medium of linocut. Luke is a singer whose emotional music is reaching new people on a daily basis.

  • CR #80 Joel Gascoigne

    Joel Gascoigne is the founder and CEO of Buffer. Buffer allows you to allocate a certain period of time to schedule a few days or even weeks worth of social posts in one go. It can essentially save a person or business a lot of time. Joel started Buffer in Birmingham and now lives in the USA.

  • CR #79 Catherine Allen

    Cathrine Allen is a creative pioneering VR and the Co-founder & CEO of Limina Immersive. She went from finding out about VR in 2014 to working in the field full time in 2015 and commissioning a VR documentary for the BBC called Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel.

  • CR #78 Conor McDonnell

    Conor has taken pictures of some of the world’s biggest musicians and celebrities, including Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Casey Neistat and in 2014, also took the famous Instagram picture at Kim Kardashians and Kanye Wests wedding.

  • CR #77 Poul Andrias Ziska

    Poul Andrias Ziska is the head chef at the one Michelin star restaurant Koks, located just off Leynavatn Lake in the Faroe Islands. Creating a memorable experience is at the heart of everything Poul does.

  • CR #76 Amrit Singh

    Amrit Singh is a Birmingham-based artist, designer, teacher, speaker and one of Periscopes biggest influencers. With over 10 years of design industry experience, Amrit has worked with companies around the world on successful print, digital and social media campaigns.

  • CR #75 Tom Muller

    Tom Muller is a Belgium born Graphic Designer currently living in London. He is the founder of the creative studio Hello Muller and his comic book work is recognised all around the world.

  • CR #74 Amanjot Johal

    Amanjot Johal is an award-winning bartender and owner of the UK's best Gin Bar 40 St Pauls. Amanjot's clever and creative gin bar is subtle and hidden out of sight. It isn't signposted, just a simple number 40 nestled at the top of a blue door.

  • CR #73 Debbie Millman

    Debbie Millman is a designer and the podcast creator/ host of the Design Matters podcast. Her podcast was one of the first creative shows to be aired when she produced episode one of Design Matters in 2005.

  • CR #72 Corey Durkin

    Corey Durkin is a speaker, author, ``overly-caffeinated coffee drinker`` and musician from the woods of Connecticut.

  • CR #71 Luca Schreiner

    Luca is a 23-year-old DJ from Stuttgart, Germany. After being behind the curtains as a music producer for over four years, Luca decided to give it a shot and stepped out of the background with huge success.

  • CR #70 Mark Hirons

    Mark Hirons is a 20-year-old graphic designer from Surrey, UK. He runs the design studio Blue Deer and the Creative Waffle podcast.

  • CR# 69 Conor Purcell

    Conor Purcell is an experienced writer and editor who has launched magazines for the likes of Emirates, China Air and Jashanmal Books. He has also published three books, the most recent, The Magazine Blueprint.

  • CR #68 Elle Sexton

    Elle Sexton is a Fashion Communication & Promotion graduate, currently freelancing on a self-established design consultancy called LION MAZE. One of her most recent projects involved Ellie being a Deputy Editor & Creative Director for ZERO-SAVAGE magazine - Launching in London on the 4th of September at Corsica Studios.

  • CR #67 Melita Berg

    Melita Berg is a Designer & Illustrator, but more known for the funky mix of Typography she uses in her work. She combines all kinds of type for custom murals, prints, signs, clothing. etc.

  • CR #66 EJ

    EJ is the exclusive and mysterious resident DJ for the global entertainment brand and race championship, Formula E, as well as one of the freshest talents on Armin van Buuren's legendary Armada label.

  • CR #65 Tom Woolley

    Tom Woolley is a Birmingham-based freelance illustrator. Tom specialises in illustrated maps and has worked with clients such as MUJI, Lonely Planet and the Wildlife Trust.

  • CR #64 Emily Caplan

    As a graphic designer, editorial is where my passion and specialism lies. Print is a not-so-secret love affair of mine; I find it intriguing how the message it holds can be interpreted depending on the way it is received.

  • CR #63 Adam McCabe

    Adam McCabe is a Birmingham/Munich based graphic designer with a passion for art direction, brand identity and motion graphics. He is a graduate from Falmouth University and freelances for Las Vegas-based jewellery company, JAECI.

  • CR #62 Thom Bartley

    Thom Bartley is a Birmingham based photographer specialising in portraiture, fashion, event and commercial photography. When he's not snappin' pictures you can find him trying to make the world a better place alongside Impact Hub and a host of other socially beneficial organisations.

  • CR #61 Jason Lee

    Jason Lee is a visual artist and filmmaker currently based in Memphis, TN. He currently works as a Senior Art Director at Archer Malmo. Jason has over 13 years of experience as a visual artist specialising in 3D animation and illustration, film, photography and design.

  • CR #60 Valerie Vonn

    Valerie Vonn is a singer, songwriter, and budding producer who found her voice using singing as an outlet from the challenges of growing up in a broken home with a struggling immigrant mother and an unstable father.

  • CR #59 - Chloe Hubler

    Chloe Hubler is a senior Visual Communications student at the University of Kansas. As a graphic designer, Chloe enjoys branding, publication design, illustration, and font design.

  • CR #58 Non Verbal Club

    Miguel Almeida is a graphic designer, art director and founder of Nonverbal Club, a Porto and (recently) Berlin-based design studio. He is also an educator with a huge passion for bookmaking and ways of making language visible.

  • CR #57 Luke Tonge

    Luke Tonge is a Birmingham-based graphic designer at large, currently found art-directing The Recorder magazine for Monotype, helping companies of all sizes with their branding, lecturing at BCU and co-directing the Birmingham Design Festival – amongst other things...

  • CR #56 - Cabeza Patata

    Cabeza Patata is a directors duo made up of Katie from London and Abel from Spain. They care about diversity and female empowerment and they joined forces to create a world of playful yet strong characters.

  • CR #55 - Mateusz Kozlowski

    Mateusz Kozlowski is a visual artist from Gdańsk, Poland. He creates works on the border of contemporary art, graphic design and animation. Currently, he is working on a professional film debut.

  • CR #54 Sonia Lazo

    Sonia Lazo is an illustrator from the small and tropical El Salvador. Sonia describes herself as 'a workaholic Virgo who has the need to create constantly and I have my own brand of illustrated products'.

  • CR #53 Muti

    Muti is a creative studio founded in 2011 and based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. Their chief focus is on illustration and they are constantly striving to create original and inspiring artwork. The company is owned and directed by three partners, Clint, Miné and Brad.

  • CR #52 Sarah Moriarty of Blinkist

    Blinkist is a German-based digital platform that focuses on providing you with key insights from non-fiction books within 15 minutes. This platform provides the information in a curated written summary or in an audio format on their mobile app.

  • CR #51 Jessica Semaan

    Jessica Semaan is a featured Medium writer and poet. Her raw style of writing on Medium has been heavily praised for its healing properties. The former Airbnb employee began writing as a way to her express herself and to help lift her up while she was suffering from depression.

  • CR #50 Irina Liakh

    Irina Liakh is an Instagram influencer, traveller and founder of the music discovery platform Surfing Sound Waves.

  • CR #49 Emily Drinkeld

    Emily Drinkeld is a Commercial Photography MA student at Nottingham Trent University. I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at last years Raw Print event in November and I was really impressed with the work she was producing and the projects she was involved with outside of her studies.

  • CR #48 Rob Strok

    Rob Strok is a photographer and Youtuber based in the USA. His stunning travel/adventure videos and photos has amassed Rob a huge social following due to his emphasis on storytelling throughout his content.

  • CR #47 Jake Gunn

    Jake Gunn is an illustrator and graphic designer currently working in-house for the Stobart Group. Jake also works on freelance projects outside his day job and has produced some stunning personal project work too (I am a big fan of his Blade Runner 2049 poster he created).

  • CR #46 Oscar Llorens

    Oscar Llorens is a Madrid-based Illustrator who has worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Lacoste, Red Bull and many more. Oscar has dedicated most of his life to drawing and now works out of his own studio, with the majority of his work revolving around advertising and personal projects.

  • CR #45 Igor Bastidas

    Igor Bastidas is a Venezuelan artist, animator and director working and living in Brooklyn. Igor makes short films, GIFs, prints, and ads amongst other things.

  • CR #44 Jack Kite

    Jack Kite is a lifestyle blogger who explores the world with his other half in search of some of the best eateries, coffee houses and fashion boutiques to share with the world. He documents his findings on his blog and his Instagram account.

  • CR# 43 Leopold Fiala

    Leopold Fiala is driven by diversity. Coming from a background in design, the world presents so many opportunities for him, from different subjects, concepts, and more. Not limited to one subject, Fiala explores portraits, landscapes, fashion, transportation, lifestyle, and much more.

  • CR #42 Angus Hyland

    Angus Hyland is a graphic designer, author and creative director at Pentagram London. He has been named one of the UK’s top ten graphic designers by The Independent and has received over a hundred creative awards, including five D&AD silver awards.

  • CR #41 - 99 Percent Lifestyle

    Discover our product, tools and entertainment recommendations to kickstart your creative lifestyle in 2018.

  • CR #40 Giorgio Camozzi

    Giorgio Camozzi is a freelance Landscape, Lifestyle and Street Photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Giorgio is also a filmmaker and has a fantastic portfolio of images on his Instagram account too.

  • CR #39 Kremer Johnson

    Kremer Johnson is a photography team specialising in environmental, studio, and narrative portraiture. Their images are both stylized and authentic, showcasing their subjects in engaging & impactful ways.

  • CR #38 Alex Strohl

    Alex Strohl is a Madrid-born, French landscape photographer and filmmaker who has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and much more.

  • CR #37 Ivy Mix

    Ivy Mix is an award-winning bartender and Co-Owner and Head Bartender of Leyenda, her pan-Latin cocktail bar in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Leyenda pays tribute to her years of living and bartending in Guatemala, as well as extensive travels throughout all of Latin America.

  • CR #36 Estee Lalonde

    Estée Lalonde is a Canadian fashion, lifestyle and beauty Youtuber currently living in London. As well as building a huge following on Youtube, Estée is also a published author and recently ventured into podcasting with her show, The Heart Of It.

  • CR #35 Aaron Draplin

    Aaron Draplin is one of the worlds best, most famous and most popular designers. Based in Portland, USA, Aaron Draplin founded the Draplin Design Co. which has produced some of the worlds most iconic design work, along with also creating the notebook brand Field Notes.

  • CR #34 Helen Powell

    Helen Powell is a writer, stylist and the founder behind Design Hunter, one of the UK's leading interiors, lifestyle and design blogs. Founded in 2009, Desing Hunter has become one of the leading blogs in its niche, reaching thousands of people every day, with a social reach of over 200,000.

  • CR #33 KEM Studios

    Jonathon Kemnitzer and Brad Satterwhite are the two founders of KEM Studios, an award-winning design studio that infuses architecture and industrial design.

  • CR #32 Paper Boat Documentaries

    Paper Boat Documentaries produce original short films for businesses or simply individuals with a story to tell. Founded by partners Simon and Martha in 2016, after several years working in the television and advertising industry, they craved to go their own way and did just that.

  • CR #31 Lewis Howes

    Lewis Howes is an entrepreneur and New York Times Best-selling author who has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people from around the world. He also runs The School Of Greatness Podcast where he interviews some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs .

  • CR #30 Dominique Ansel

    Dominique Ansel is an award-winning pastry chef who has opened some of the worlds most popular bakeries in New York, Tokyo and London. In 2017 Dominique was awarded the title of the World’s Best Pastry Chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

  • CR #29 Van Orton

    Van Orton are twin brothers and designers from Italy. There colourful and visual approach to illustration has landed them multiple big name clients including Netflix, Sky, Universal, Marvel and much more.

  • CR #28 Nathan Chan

    Nathan Chan is the creator and editor of Australia-based digital magazine Foundr. Foundr is a digital magazine, podcast and website that helps entrepreneurs of all sizes grow their business through features, courses and interviews with some of the world's biggest entrepreneurs.

  • CR #27 Hannah Hitchman

    Hannah Hitchman is a freelance illustrator based in Nottingham. Since graduating from University, Hannah has also launched her own Etsy store where she sells some fantastic products including custom made illustrative pins.

  • CR #26 EGYD

    EGYD is a design studio based in Vienna, Austria. They use a combination of bold graphic design and sophisticated 3D imagery: printed and digital, still and in motion in their work. I spoke with Gregor and Lukas of the studio about their favourite things in the world right now.

  • CR #25 David Pavon

    David Pavon is a Disney artist and freelance development artist, storyboard artist and character designer from Granada, Spain. In 2013 he directed his first animated short film named ``Origami``, selected in more than 90 festivals around the world.

  • CR #24 Manddy Wyckens

    Manddy Wyckens is a freelance Designer and an Art Director. She specialises in both background painting and character design. Also, she occasionally directs short-films and music videos.

  • CR #23 Savvy Studios - Rafael Prieto

    Savvy Studio is a Branding & Architecture design studio based in New York and México. Savvy’s expertise involves working around the globe on different ventures including boutique hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, art galleries and museums.

  • CR #22 Ludwig Favre

    Ludwig Favre is a Fine Art Photographer specialising in major cities and landscapes in America. He currently lives in Paris and has created visuals on a variety of media platforms from advertising campaigns to magazine editorials, books and galleries all over the world.

  • CR#21 Creative Mint

    Creative Mints is a boutique human-centered design agency from Prague specialising in branding, UI and illustration.

  • CR# 20 Graeme Rose

    Graeme Rose is a freelance actor / theatre-maker with a rolling portfolio of artistic associations. He is the founder of Birmingham’s internationally renowned Stan’s Cafe, and the (The Resurrectionists - who specialised in site-specific music-theatre.

  • CR#19 Seth Powers

    Seth Powers is a Shanghai-based photographer specialising in architecture and interiors. He works primarily with architects and designers to render their vision with care and a keen eye for composition.

  • CR #18 Brumhaus

    Alexander Edwards is the man behind Brumhaus. His artwork mainly focuses on modern architecture in his home city of Birmingham, UK.

  • CR #17 Cecilia Knapp

    Cecilia Knapp is a poet, performer and TED x speaker. She graduated from Goldsmiths University with an English Literature Degree and is an alumni of the Roundhouse's prolific poetry mentoring scheme.

  • CR #16 Steve Booker

    Steve Booker is a UK fashion blogger and Youtuber. His blog has won various awards including ‘Best Male Style Blog’, and his love for fashion led him to create the clothing brand Our New Chapter last year.

  • CR #15 Ty Mattson

    Ty Mattson is a graphic artist and the creative director behind the California- based design studio Mattson Creative. Some of their clients include Apple, Universal, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola and many more.

  • CR #14 Francesco Salvaggio

    Francesco Salvaggio is a photographer and filmmaker traveling the world. His travel and landscape images have been featured in some of the world's best newspapers and on some the of the world's most popular websites.

  • CR #13 Lilly Baldwin

    LA and NY based filmmaker. Recent film work includes SLEEPOVER LA (SXSW premiere, Berlinale EFM, Vimeo Staff Pick and Short of the Week) and A JUICE BOX AFTERNOON (Lincoln Center premiere, Dance on Camera Tour, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth).

  • CR #12 Vok

    Vok is a dream-pop/indie-electric band based in Reykjavík Iceland. Their unique dreamy electronic sound with melodic vocals has built the band an audience since they launched in 2013.

  • CR #11 Jeff Sheldon, Ugmonk

    Jeff Sheldon is a designer, entrepreneur and fashion designer who started the lifestyle and clothing brand Ugmonk.

  • CR #10 Forrest Blake

    Forrest Blake is a California-based photographer and filmmaker who uses his creative talent to showcase the beauty of the natural world.

  • CR #09 Koba

    Tokyo-based gaming Studio behind Narita Boy.

  • CR# 08 Efva Attling

    Efva Attling is a jewellery designer, musician and former model born in Stockholm. By the age of sixteen, she was a pupil of one of Sweden's greatest silversmiths before beginning her twelve-year modelling career.

  • CR #07 Joseph Veazey

    Joesph Veazey is a New York based designer and illustrator born in Georgia.

  • CR #06 Gioacchino Petronicce

    Gioacchino Petronicce is an award-winning French filmmaker, sharing his commercial work and short films on Vimeo.

  • CR #05 Great Good Fine Ok

    Great Good Fine Ok are a Brooklyn-based synthpop band consisting of two members, Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman.

  • CR #04 Dan Mace

    Dan Mace is a filmmaker, director and Youtuber (DantheDirector) based in South Africa. A central theme that runs through Dan’s work is highlighting positivity, positive thinking, happiness and turning away from the negativity that plagues today’s digital age.

  • CR #03 Tom Aikens

    Tom Aikens is a Michelin star chef who grew up in Norfolk, UK. He became the youngest ever, British chef to be awarded two Michelin stars at the age of 26.

  • CR #02 Kristie Feltner

    Kristie Feltner is a young, Atlanta-based illustrator, currently of Photography company Shoot Proof.

  • CR #01 Matti Haapoja

    Matti Haapoja is a Toronto based filmmaker with a passion for inspiring others with his creativity. View his favourites for work and downtime here.