Finn Beales Interview – How to become a photographer


Finn Beales Interview – How to become a photographer

I was able to interview Finn Beales on how to become a photographer and his path to where he is now. Also looking at the usefulness of Instagram for modern photographers. 

Finn Beales is a world famous, award-winning photographer based in Wales. He is well known for his landscape and lifestyle photography, such as his photos in Canada and photography for one of the worlds best restaurants Noma. He has also photographed for other big global brands that are attracted by his cinematic style and the narrative he weaves throughout his work. 

How did you become a photographer?  – From an early age I was interested in photography, originally inspired by my grandfather who was a great teacher and later by a good friend. Otherwise I just started shooting. I also studied the work of other photographers I admire and still do, looking at their styles and practicing different techniques.

What inspires your work in the creative field? – The limitless possibilities, the work of other great creatives, nature and landscapes.

How would you best describe your style of photography? – Cinematic; ethereal, inspired by landscapes and vistas.

“If you are going to put the hours into a creative vocation you’ve got to love it.”

How important is Instagram for the modern day photographer? – Instagram is a fantastic platform for showcasing work to the world, for following the work of other inspiring photographers and for gaining the feedback and support of a global community.




Is there a person you look up to? – I admire all those who excel at what they do and when their work is also their great passion.

You have travelled to many places, but where do you feel most in your creative element? I love Iceland, the American wilderness and of course the mountains of Wales.

If you are not taking photos what are you doing? Enjoying time with my family, riding my vintage Bultaco Motorcycle and hanging out with friends. Also thinking about ‘making’ pictures.

What is the picture or thing you are most proud of? – This is so difficult to answer. I’m not sure I’m there yet; I’m still pushing for the perfect image.

Is there anything different that you want to do in the future? – I’d love to sail around the world one day.

If you could go back and tell your 18-year-old self one thing what would it be and why? –  Follow your interests; do what you want to do. Why? Because you can only really excel at something in which you are truly interested and about which you are truly passionate.

What is your favourite food? – Italian food such as pasta. American pancakes. The perfect burger.

What is your current favourite film? Blade Runner. I love that film.

Who is your current favourite musician? – All sorts but I’m listening to a lot of Hip atm: Kendrick Lamar, Theophilus London, A$ap Rocky.

What is your favourite book? – I read a lot of factual books as opposed to fiction, things like Universal Principles of Design. They might seem dry, but these types of book help you understand composition, how the human eye interprets imagery. I also read periodicals such as Cereal Magazine and that’s not just because I shoot for them.

Interview By Conor Rees.

Pictures used in this article are used with permission from Finn Beales.

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