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How Interior Design Can Affect the Way Your Clients Feel

When people talk about interior design it is usually how to create a specific look, or how to make somewhere feel appropriate for the business concerned. If you have a waiting room, in particular, the way it is decorated can affect the way your client feels towards your business before they even get to go any deeper into the other offices or clinics.


The Impact Of Colours


Colours can affect the moods of the people waiting to see you, or the ones working in your offices.  Yellow, for instance, is associated with happiness and it will work well when combined with a neutral colour, and in a room with a lot of natural light.  Grey gives a feeling of relaxation and blue will make people feel calm. White relates to purity, but work best when it is mixed with other colours, as it can be too start on its own.


Red, Purple and black all give off good vibrations but are better as the colours of pieces to catch the eye rather than painted on the walls.




Perception of space is important if you do not want the rooms you are decorating to feel cramped. Do put huge comfy chairs for your clients to sit in if the room is not large enough to accommodate several of them. Smaller chairs will look better, and your clients or workers will be more at ease if they do not feel squashed in. The bigger chairs will shrink the room to the eye, and the smaller ones will make it look bigger.


This can be especially vital if you are in the process of the kind of medical fitout Levitch can arrange, as you do not want patients that are strangers to each other to feel uncomfortable in your waiting room. It’s important you do it carefully.


Mirrors can also help to give the appearance of more space because of the way they reflect light, especially if they are placed opposite a window and it is natural light landing on them.




As well as the chairs you may want to place some other furniture in the room. Maybe a table with some magazines on, or a plant or two around the place to create a real design. As with the chairs, the size of any other furniture should fit the room as the last thing you want are clients struggling to navigate around things.


If you need to have a corner for children to play, keep it well partitioned from the rest of the waiting room, with chairs nearby for their parents to sit on. This could well be the case in a doctors or dentists surgery, and you need to keep little ones happy before they see anyone too.


Interior design for offices and waiting rooms can make a big difference to the way visitors perceive your business, no matter what it is you do. For many people, it will be the first impression they see of your business, and you want that to be a good as possible so that you can build a relationship with them.