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How to Edit Photos Like A Pro Without Fancy Software

We live in a world full of fantastic spaces, beautiful scenes, wonderful animals and, of course, human beings. Therefore, you must learn new skills to be a professional photographer or work like one. The Photography field is constantly growing hence the many questions of what to learn, where to start and the right guide to follow.

You may wonder, what is the best way to edit your photos like a pro? Well, the internet offers no limit to information. It is not easy to edit photos like a professional. It may feel like a long journey, especially when it is your first time. However, that should worry you. 

Below are some basic photo editing tips to help you work as a pro without using fancy software.

Remove unwanted background

You will have all the help you want from the available online tools. Things like changing background colors and having your pre-sets will not bother you at all. This will help you have a different yet unique style to make a brand value. Backgrounds can be distracting and unwanted as well as irrelevant and unnecessary hence the need to make background transparent.

Removing photo backgrounds is a common activity that professional photographers do. The fact that you can make a transparent background makes your work look professional. Thanks to these online tools, you don’t have to spend money on fancy software to work on your photos’ background settings.

Understand vibrance, saturation and color balance

Color balance help correct your images’ color. Color palettes will help you select a specific color to make any corrections or changes in your photos to make them look better and professional. You can use this option to develop dramatic effects in your photos. Saturation is color intensity in any image. 

Your images will look more intense with higher saturation. Be cautious when using the saturation option to avoid making the photos look unnatural. Vibrance works closely with color intensity in photographs. Use it to balance the skin tone and intensify the muted color. A natural photo will look more professional.

Create and grow your style

Creating your style is among the most important thing any photographer needs to do, especially when you want to work like a pro. Your style will form your identity and makes you different from others. Let your different style speak highly of you. 

This is another way to increase your profits and clients since you will have what other don’t have. It will be hard to survive in the creative world without having your identity and style. You can explore the available photo editing styles and come up with yours.

Use contracts and brightness

The overall darkness or lightness of a photo is the brightness. To change the light in a photo, change the brightness. Therefore, it will highlight the dark and highlighted parts of the image. 

To work like a pro when editing your photo brightness, you should be careful with the already highlighted area to avoid using excess light. Contracts will show the dark and light of images. Ensure you use proper contrast to get clear and detailed images. 

Edit in layers

This is one of the most used techniques among professional photographers. It gives you an opportunity to correct a particular area of the image without affecting the whole image. 

This technique is common when removing blemishes and wrinkles, as well as when dealing with other complex issues. Edit in layers to have a more natural and professional looking photo.

Edit the photo resolution

Your edited photos should be of high quality. Therefore, you must learn how to change the photo resolution to make it look more appealing and professional. 

The above tips will help you work like a professional photographer without using fancy software. However, you should keep in mind that these tips are just a guide. Don’t limit yourself. There are other techniques you can use to make your photos look more appealing and professional.