How to Tell Your Brand Story

Branding, even for small and independent eCommerce platforms, is a vital part of modern business. And it all begins with a strong narrative. So here are some tips to tell your brand story.

Explain Why You Do What You Do

If you think about it properly, you know your brand exists for more than making money. There will be a reason for doing what you do and something that drives you to do it. Of course, you make money. But if you were in it just for money, you would get bored easily. Branding is more than personalised labels, a cute logo and a catchy tagline. For instance, your custom jewellery brand exists to bring people together with gifting and provide value to special family moments.

Stamp Your Personality

The best brands have a lot of personalities associated with them. This should act as an extension of your reasons and reflect consistently throughout everything you do. Your personality can enhance your story and establish trust with customers that identify with it. This is why your brand story needs personality. It’s not just another ad, and it shouldn’t feel like a sales pitch. You can only achieve this by having your genuine personality come across in your words.

Tell Your Brand Story with Engagement

You should already know that engagement is vital to your brand. You can use various methods for engaging, and the rewards are huge. The benefits of building a strong brand with proper engagement are so powerful that your small business can compete with a corporation if you nail this. Social media platforms are considerably useful for this because of the large number of readily available potential customers already available. So learning to use these well is crucial.

Try to Keep it Simple

If your brand story is too long-winded, you risk a disconnect with the customers you are trying to attract. To this end, it helps to just keep it simple. You can write your story around a few simple concepts, such as the solutions you offer, how you go about it and your reasons for doing it. That’s pretty much all a client looks for. Josh Mea, CEO of a very reputable marketing agency, states, “Build something someone else will love or something that you yourself will love”.

Stay Human, Always

People don’t like to feel like they are interacting with a faceless corporate machine. And major companies like Coca-Cola and Mcdonald’s spend a lot of time, money and effort to make sure they don’t come across like this. And for a good reason. Your brand identity, and indeed marketing, should always feel natural, as if your brand itself is human. This will help you determine the actions you take moving forward and maintain trust with your loyal customers.


Your brand story is vital for getting and keeping customers. It helps to make sure they know why you are there, keep on top of user engagement, and ensure you think of your brand as human.