Interview With Instagram Photographer Spencer Duke

I love discovering new photographers like Spencer Duke. Spencer is an Instagram photographer, his Instagram feed is stunning and this is the reason why you are reading this interview today. 

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Spencer Duke is a Vancouver based photographer, and after discovering his work I decided to message him to see if he would be interested in sharing his story and knowledge on his creative profession.

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Interview With Instagram Photographer Spencer Duke


When did you first get an interest in photography? 

Photography has been an interest of mine since I first looked into the viewfinder. I thought the world looked so much different for some reason. I found it cool how you could capture something so small (a photo) but still have the ability to think of it as something much bigger than that (a story or something with meaning). 

Where did you learn to take photos?

Most of my learning is self-taught! Youtube videos really help with tutorials for basically everything you need to know. Also, read your camera manual! I know this may sound silly but it really does help you understand what your camera is capable of doing. 

Have you had any inspirations along the way?

I have only really been doing photography seriously for around 4 months. There are tons of people who have inspired me not only through photography but through videography as well! 

Some accounts on Instagram to check out are: 

– @jacob (travel)

– @taylorcutfilms (adventure/travel)

– @kellansworld (Crazy colours/influencers)

– @andyto (travel)

– @michaelste (sunsets)

– @gypsea_lust (travel)

A lot of these people share crazy photos that inspire not only me but clearly others too. 

What made you want to get into photography?

For the most part the memories aspect of it. My family has a lot of photo albums and I love to flip through them to see things that have happened in the past or moments I might not have otherwise remembered. If there is something you think is cool when you’re out and about, take a photo of it! It’s a good way to look back to interesting moments. 

Is traveling something that also appeals to you that goes with this career?

Without a doubt. I have always loved to travel and have been doing it since I was very little. Seeing something new for the first time was always what excited me most about it. Although I don’t think travel is a necessity for taking amazing photos, I do think it helps. The constant change in your surroundings and scenery spark creativity. 

What does the term ‘being creative’ mean to you?

To be able to transform things into emotions. Whether you are an artist, a videographer, a designer, or anything else of sorts, if you can take your work and make it affect someone emotionally I think that is a huge success. Creativity should ignite emotion in people and captivate them into wanting to see more. 

Thanks for reading this interview with Spencer Duke. Be sure to follow him on Instagram here.