Starting a Business With a Full Time Job With Bianca Foley of GLDN

Starting a Business With a Full Time Job With Bianca Foley of GLDN

Bianca Foley is a qualified fashion stylist, blogger and founder of new online store GLDN, and is a young entrepreneur with very little downtime.

Whether it’s working on her laptop at home in London or on her mobile on her daily commute, Bianca works hard to maintain a full-time day job, a fashion blog and an online business.

But Bianca has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

She initially launched her own jewelry business but found difficulties in making and selling everything herself. She made the decision to stop at the end of last year to focus on her blog and her new project, GLDN.

The idea for GLDN stemmed from a day of browsing a popular fashion site where one basic search such as “white T-shirt” led to 18 pages of results. Bianca started researching ways of creating an online store which offers a carefully curated selection of clothing “so that customers don’t feel overwhelmed.”

Her site GLDN focuses on basic staples in a wardrobe. In other words, minimal yet long-lasting and versatile items. Even the name suggests a simplified style – the word “golden” without the vowels.

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When asked about her plans for the brand, she said: “I want it to be the go-to site when you want great wardrobe staples. I want to work with people who understand what good style is and get our collection down to a fine-tuned and covetable selection of clothes. We look for those ‘key’ pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Think LBD’s (little black dress), classic T-shirts and well-tailored trousers.”

She said: “Personally, I want to own beautiful clothing that is classic. We try to operate on the basis of 80% basic or classic pieces and 20% trend pieces.”

Bianca has mainly been collaborating with Scandinavian brands that inspire a minimalist style.

When asked about her position in social media (Bianca’s @lovefoodlovefashion currently has 10K followers), she said she’s able to stand out within a saturated landscape of fashion bloggers by engaging with her followers and commenting and liking their images.

This way, she connects with followers but also makes them feel engaged in her brand.

When asked about the most challenging aspect of creating GLDN, she said: “Generating interest- but we are currently working with some amazing bloggers here in the UK and Canada to help spread the word and get the brand out there to the masses.”

In managing her time and juggling a full-time day job, a blog, social media campaigns, and coordinating the new venture, she said: “It is not easy. I have a really busy 9-5 so my phone is key to me staying on top of it all. I manage social campaigns and edit images on my daily commute, as well as using the time to write my blog posts. I’m lucky that I can run the business on the go and when I get home, pack and post orders. Most nights I end up getting to bed around 1 AM, ready to go again the next day at seven AM.”

Speaking of what advice she would offer a new fashion blogger, she said: “Know yourself and stay true to what you want to write about. Do not waver for the sake of content. Don’t lose faith. It is very easy to get overwhelmed early on, but by putting in the time and learning from every new challenge, you will begin to understand the ins and outs of your new business. It won’t happen overnight.”

Article by Eva Astreinidou.

Photos by Sarah Hussain. Instagram: @under_reconstruction23

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