Interview with Photographer JAKUB POLOMSKI

Photographer Jakub Polomski began taking pictures in his hometown of Cieszyn, Poland in 2005. Since then his landscape photography has gone on to win multiple awards over the last decade, including winning the ‘National Geographic, Poland Photo Contest’ in the category, ‘Polish Landscape’.
Jakub Polomski Landscape photo

Interview with Photographer JAKUB POLOMSKI

How did you become a photographer? – I am 29 years old and 9 years ago I saw some pictures in an issue of National Geographic Magazine. They inspired me and I borrowed a camera from my friend and I then started my own adventure in this field of art. I had never had my own camera before because I hadn’t been interested in photography and I have never had any ‘formal’ training. I also didn’t learn photography in any school. I was uploading my photos onto many photo portals and I was reading feedback from them and these constructive critiques helped me to improve my skills.

What inspires your work in the creative field? – I’d say the nature and the journeys that I go on.

How would you best describe your style of photography? – I’d say a ‘contrastful’ style.

Is Instagram important for the modern day photographer?  Well, I always forget about posting to Instagram. It’s not my main social feed.

Where do you feel most in your creative element? – I think South America is perfect for me. I like everything about the location; the people, the climate and the landscapes.

Is there a person you look up to?
Leonardo DiCaprio, he finally must get his Oscar.

If you are not taking photos what are you doing? – Post-producing, publishing, writing, planning journeys and reading. 

What is the picture or thing you are most proud of ? – I think my photo taken on Aiguille du Midi, ‘The Scale of Nature’, is the one I am most proud of. It was taken in a place where thousands of people take pictures daily, and this one got big exposure.

Is there anything different that you want to do in the future?– I have already created a time-lapse video of my town. I want to make another time-lapse in the future, but it wont be any time soon. Another thing I am interested in are cinemagraphs. I am trying this technique out at the moment.

If you could go back and tell your 18-year-old self one thing what would it be and why? – Just listen to yourself and watch the experiences of others.

What is your current favourite TV show or film? Twin Peaks.

Who is your current favourite musician? – I’d have to say Muse.

What is your favourite book? – The Millennium Trilogy.

Interview By Conor Rees.

All images used in this article are with permission from Jakub Polomski. 

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