Justin Maller Interview – Depthcore and Facet Founder

The Australian born Justin Maller is an artist, illustrator and art director based in New York. He is famous for the ‘Facets’ project where he created a piece of art every day for an entire year and is also the Creative Director of a modern art collective known as ‘The Depthcore Collective’. His client list also includes the likes of Nike, American Express, NBA, Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures and many more, big brand companies.
Justin Maller Portrait

Justin Maller Interview – Depthcore and Facet Founder

Would you describe yourself as an artist or a designer? – I think of myself more as an artist than a designer. Designers make functional, useful things, I make ridiculous shiny things.

Where did the inspiration come from to create something ever day for a year? –  From a period of stagnation. Personal work was sucking, and putting more time into it wasn’t helping. I decided to try a simpler approach without a million revisions. It felt good so I did it the next day and on and on for a week. Then my fiancé challenged me to do it for a year, and so that’s how Facets begun.

How would you describe the creative style behind Facets? – I don’t know…. abstract digital nonsense? I don’t think about it much.

Do you have any particular favourites amongst the Facets collection? – Yeah, a couple of the abstract pieces are close to my heart. Also like a few of the beasts.

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What challenges did you face during the Facets project?- Nothing really springs to mind to be honest. I enjoyed the project a lot, I didn’t really find it to be that difficult.

What is the piece of work you are most proud of? – Maybe Totem.

Have you had any mentors along the way? – There has been lots of support and lots of great friends. There isn’t a person I’d single out as a mentor though.

What else do you do other than work? What does your day-to-day routine consist of? – Walks with my dog, cooking with my girl, work outs, reading, socialising. Typical pottering around.

What’s next? Is there a particular project you have planned for the future and would you ever attempt a challenge such as Facets again? – Yeah I will definitely do another year. I’m Currently dipping my toes into animation and I’m going to try to learn to model real and useful things in 3D.

What advice would you tell your 18-year-old self if you had the chance and why? – Take some business management classes.

I’d honestly rather go talk to my 23 year old self right out of University and tell him to worry and stress less generally.


What is your favourite food? – Jerk Chicken.

What is your current favourite TV show or film? – House of Cards.

Who is your current favourite musician? – I’ve been playing Ghostface’s new album with BADBADNOTGOOD a lot.

What is your favourite book? – I have just recently finished “All The Light We Cannot See” and I thought it was delightful.

Interview By Conor Rees.

All images used in this article are with permission from Justin Maller. 

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