Magical Moments And Stunning Sights Await You In Finland

Magical Moments And Stunning Sights Await You In Finland

If you’re looking for a new and exciting place to visit before the year ends, consider Finland. It’s a country brimming with possibility and filled with adventure that makes very few people’s travel wish list. But there are a few reasons why you should dare to defy and book a trip to this wonderful region right now.

Say Hi To Helsinki


If you are travelling to Finland, there is no better place to start exploring than it’s stunning capital city. The urban wonder looks like it could be the setting for a modern fairytale with gorgeous architecture and a gorgeous design. It is here that you will be able to gaze into the past by visiting the country’s national museum.  Be sure to head to the art gallery as well to view paintings and piece of work from some of the country’s most famous artists. However if you think Helsinki is lost in ages of old, you’d be wrong. The city has several wonderful theatres to catch a show and incredible restaurants offering delicious meals for two.

Explore Jyväskylä


The next city that I implore you to visit is Jyväskylä. Although the small city itself is a wonder with a mixture of wooden housing and modern stone buildings. It’s what lies outside the city that’s truly worth exploring. There, you can get lost in rich, green forests filled with wildlife and unforgettable scenery. You’ll also be close to where the local art shows and fairs are held annually. It’s quite a show and there are plenty of events that you won’t want to miss.


Gaze At The Northern Lights


There are many places in the world where you can see the enchanting and wondrous Northern Lights.  But Lapland is arguably the place that offers the best view. You’ll see the gorgeous natural phenomena in all it’s glory here, surrounding by ice and snow. Kids and families no Lapland because it’s where Santa lives through the year. There are plenty of winter activity holidays available in Lapland.  But seeing the Northern Lights will be the crown jewel of your experience.

Race Reindeer


If you’re heading to Finland for the winter wonderland, you must make sure that you catch an old fashioned sleigh ride. There are plenty of places in Lapland that provide this possibility. It’s a romantic experience that you can share with a loved one  and the perfect activity for Christmas Eve. But, if you head Inari, you’ll find something else that is quite spectacular. Reindeer racing is a popular sport in Finland. It’s all about finding out who has the fastest and strongest reindeer. I can tell you if you think you’ve seen a lot of sports, you’ve never seen anything quite like this. A mixture of skiing and horse riding, it’s quite spectacular.

Stay In A Snow Castle


Finally, Finland is a place where you can stay in a snow castle, making it truly unique. It’s exactly as it sounds, a castle made entirely of snow! Rebuilt annually, this place to stay is incredible with temperatures as low as -5 degrees inside! Don’t worry you won’t be left to freeze with luxury sleeping bags provided to stay warm.

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