How to Make Your Team Meetings More Engaging and Interesting

Executives and managers often have to hold meetings and presentations for their teams and use the opportunity to create awareness, increase engagement levels, and motivate individuals. For most team members and employees, however, meetings and presentations are simply boring and disconnected. If you are looking to get your message through better and use your meetings to promote a positive culture, you might need to get creative. Below you will find a few ways of spicing up your team meetings and presentations.

Add Funny Pictures


To keep your team interested and engaged, you can use funny pictures and jokes. If you prepare a boring presentation using a lot of graphs and numbers, break it up with a couple of images about your target customer, or your last holiday. Nobody likes listening to statistics or staring at pie charts for hours. Using a creative presentation to allow your personality to shine through will be a good way of increasing your popularity within the company.

Upgrade Your Technology


You might be thinking of meetings as you speaking and others listening. However, today you can get people to interact with you and your presentation. You can use Promethean ActivConnect to get people to take part in the discussion, and give you ideas during the meeting. You don’t want to be stuck in the 20th century. Use creative slideshows with music and animation, and get people to provide interactive feedback.



Meetings should give you the opportunity to involve other people in discussions. When you plan your next team meet, you need to ask your team members to contribute. From their own presentation of ideas, to games and quizzes; you can use the hidden talent of your team members to make your meetings more engaging. Moreover, you can find the next leaders who are ready to take over when you get your promotion. Find out more about your team members’ strengths by asking them to help you prepare your meeting.

Invite Guests


If you are fed up with talking for half an hour without stopping, you can ask other people to take part. Invite industry leaders, managers from other departments, or contractor representatives. You don’t want your discussion to be one-sided and boring. Give your team members a new perspective by introducing them to innovative ideas.

Add Quizzes


Team meets are often designed to distribute information at the workplace. Instead of simply asking your employees to listen, you should encourage active learning by adding a few tests and quizzes, or competitions between two groups. This will motivate your team members to learn more, and improve their competitive spirit. Get creative when designing the quizzes, but keep them relevant to the topic you are discussing.


Becoming a more effective team manager means communicating with your employees in a way that they stay focused and interested in what you are talking about. You should use your presentations, training sessions, and team meetings for motivating your team members and increasing their commitment towards a shared goal.