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Style Guide For Entrepreneurs- How You Can Dress To Impress

As a jam-packed entrepreneur, you are least likely to bother about your fashion sense. But it deserves as much attention you can give because you can surely close more deals by dressing to impress. While your business acumen, communication skills, and confidence matter a lot, your attire is vital because it makes the first impression. It makes sense to have a winning dressing style to get your fair share of attention and impress the right set of people in the industry.

Fortunately, understanding power dressing is easier than you think, and you can also personalize it to match your taste and personality. Moreover, you need not spend a fortune to look like a winner every time you step out for a meeting or conference. Just follow some rules, and you can create your iconic dressing style. Here is a style guide that entrepreneurs can rely on to look dashing every day.

Start by preparing your wardrobe

If you have just joined the entrepreneurial bandwagon, you will need to get started with a wardrobe assessment. A good look at what you have will give you a fair idea of what you need to fulfill your style goals. It is also the right time to declutter your wardrobe because a lighter closet will make it a lot easier to choose your daily ensembles. Look for the basics of business attire such as tailored suits, white shirts, ties, and accessories. You must also assess your shoe rack because your footwear gets an equal amount of attention as your attire. Check your accessories to decide whether they are good enough to match your look. Prepare a checklist of missing items and go for a shopping spree right away.

Make a style statement with bespoke attire

As you embark on a shopping spree, opt for bespoke attire rather than famous brands and big price tags. Look for a designer you can trust to understand your body and preferences and replicate them in your outfits. Bespoke options are tailored for perfect fits, and they match your personality and taste, so you will surely feel more comfortable and confident in such pieces. A great fit goes beyond the right length of the pants or sleeves. It is more about drapes that make you look smart and sophisticated and promise ease. You should also look for high-value fabrics that retain their polished appearance even after prolonged wear. After all, the last thing you will want to deal with is a wrinkled shirt or suit as you attend a late-evening meeting after a long day at work. 

Invest in work and play pieces 

Entrepreneur meetings aren’t confined to conference halls and board rooms. They happen at the golf course or casual dinners as well. So your wardrobe should have both work and play essentials. You will probably have your power dressing essentials, but you must also invest in some trendy casuals. Pick a couple of pairs of well-fitted jeans and classy tees in trending colors. A complete wardrobe gets you ready for formal and casual business meetings and events, and you will never have to worry about dressing for the occasion. Just ensure that you have all the variety you want!

Go the extra mile with accessories

Busy entrepreneurs seldom think much about accessorizing the attire they wear, but the right accessories can take you the extra mile. They put your ensemble together and grab the eye, no matter how insignificant they appear as an element of the ensemble. A classic watch can make a style statement by itself. Custom-made ties, smart eyewear, and stylish cufflinks go a long way in giving you an iconic look. If you want to try something unique, invest in tattoo equipment and accessories, as they will definitely make a statement. You can find cool designs in bags and luggage, which are essential if you travel often for work. Dressing for success also requires you to invest in the best leather, whether your shoes, belt, or wallet. Everything you wear should be a replica of luxury and fine taste.

Collaborate with an expert

Power dressing goes much beyond looking good. You have to research your body type and understand what will work the best for it. It also requires you to stay ahead of the trends in colors, styles, and cuts. You cannot do justice to either because you probably have a jam-packed schedule, with hardly any time to invest in research on your body type and fashion trends. Getting help from a professional stylist is a good idea because they can give you a complete style makeover that matches your role. Discuss options for daily dressing, casual styles, and industry events. They can guide you about selecting clothes that blend well with your body type. Seeking stylist services may seem like an expense, but it is a worthy one 

Grooming is essential

You may dress in the best attire and have the most expensive accessories, but you cannot miss out on good grooming. Looking presentable when you are always on the go is challenging. But you can achieve it by just following the basic rules of male grooming, which wouldn’t take much time and effort if you are regular with personal care. Check your hairstyle and ensure that it is classy enough to match your entrepreneurial status. You shouldn’t look like someone fresh out of college, so a tidy style looks the best. Always shave properly, use after care products like moustache wax on your facial hair, and invest in good skincare products to keep your skin healthy and happy. You must smell good at all times, so splash on your cologne and carry your deodorant at all times.

Entrepreneurial dressing requires good thinking and investment, but you must give it everything you can. A great dressing style makes you shine and boosts your confidence as you step out for meetings, conferences, and events. After all, the way you present yourself can make or break your impression. People will be willing to take the business deals ahead if they are happy with your appearance. Just follow these style tips, and you will definitely win them over with your style.