The 3 Major Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Marketing Department

When you’re running a small business, outsourcing is a great way to find skilled people to handle certain areas of your company without having to pay out loads of money in high salaries. There are all sorts of areas that you can outsource but one department that is often under debate is marketing. Some people think that you should keep the marketing department in-house because it’s important that the vision of the company is kept intact and they worry that if you outsource, it may be lost. That is a legitimate fear but often, it’s just a case of making sure that you pick the right agency and make sure that they’re fully on board with what you’re trying to achieve as a company. Outsourcing your marketing department, via companies like iTonic, has so many benefits, here are just some of the ways that it could work for you.


More Experience


One of the major benefits is that a good online marketing agency has far more experience than you do. Even if you hire a great marketing executive, the collective experience of a marketing agency will win every time. They work with all sorts of different companies in a wide range of industries so they can take ideas that they’ve used for other companies and adapt them to your business. The sheer level of experience that they have also means that there aren’t many problems that they haven’t dealt with before. Something that might be a panic inducing disaster for you is probably just a routine issue for a good marketing company.


Knowledge About Technology


In the last decade, the world of marketing has changed completely. New innovations like social media have changed the way that we market products and that technological development shows no signs of slowing. Every week there is a new piece of software or a new marketing technique that is hailed as the next big thing. Understanding new technologies and identifying which ones will take off and which won’t is key to staying relevant in an ever changing business world. While you can take steps to keep on top of all this stuff, a marketing company will be far better than you at it. Making a mistake and investing in marketing technology that turns out to be a bit of a dud can cost you a lot of money. Outsourcing can help you to avoid this and make sure that you’re always using the best tools for the job.


It’s Cheaper


People often get it wrong when they’re weighing up the relative costs of in-house marketing and outsourcing. If you’re just running a small business and you hire one or two people to handle your marketing, their salaries might well be cheaper than the fee you pay to a marketing company. However, those aren’t the only costs to consider. Those extra people require extra office space so you’ll have to rent a larger place and pay more for it. If you run into trouble and you need to make some cutbacks, getting rid of employees is difficult and usually involves paying out a redundancy package. But if you’re outsourcing, you can just suspend their services for a while until you can afford it again.


When it comes to marketing, outsourcing is a no-brainer. You’ll be paying less money for a bigger team of far more experienced marketing professionals.