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The Right Knowledge: The Best Learning Resources For Entrepreneurs

In business, when you’re working hard on developing marketing campaigns and improving your business at every turn, there might be one thing you forget about, yourself! As an entrepreneur, it can be very time consuming to take the opportunities to develop yourself and to improve your skills in every way, but it’s all about the resources you choose, rather than what it is you need to learn. So, with that in mind, what are the quickest and most effective resources for the modern entrepreneur?


You really think that it’s a very laborious task to scan through forums, which they can be. However, there are sites like Quora that are very helpful for entrepreneurs, especially as they have active users like Wikipedia helmer Jimmy Wales, and the founder of Spotify Daniel Ek. Gone are the days that forums are used to lambast everyone else. Well, kind of… choose the right forums and you have personal, informal, but salient facts at your disposal.

Online Courses

The great thing about any online course is that you can do it in your own free time. There may be a little time for you to actually sit down and undertake a course over a period of six months, but if you are looking for something that you can do as and when you are available, this is one of the best approaches. In actual fact, there are so many online degrees you can complete now as you please, that time needn’t be an issue, especially when you are busy running your business.


The great thing about seminars is that they last a couple of days, but the information you can glean from these seminars will keep you going for years to come! You can go on a Six Sigma green belt course and learn these management techniques over a period of a few days. Not only this, but webinars are a great way for you to learn a lot from the comfort of your office. This is proving to be a very suitable option now, because you don’t need to go anywhere! There are webinar providers like CreativeLive that provide various courses, and while they specifically focus on photographers, there are also courses relating to business.

Membership Learning

Much like the online webinars, you can pay for a comprehensive and dense course, and there are plenty around. LinkedIn Learning is a great one where you pay a monthly fee, and you’ve got access to up-to-date, industry quality material. The important thing is to know that you are utilizing good quality resources, and with websites that you pay a membership fee, you’ve got a lot of good quality information right there, in front of you.

Improving yourself is a never-ending battle, but while a lot of us spend time focusing on what we want to improve on, we can neglect the quality of the resources. Find the right resources, and you’ve got the right education, so try a few of these, and you will have the best knowledge when it comes to business.