The History of Topo Designs with Jedd Rose

Topo Designs is a brand I have been following for a while now. I first discovered them on a Ben Brown vlog on Youtube a few years ago. I have since been following the company on social media and their excellent visuals help portray this beautiful brand image that makes you want to fly over to Colorado, head into their shop, buy everything in sight and then go on a weekend camping trip in Death Valley.

As you probably know by now, I love to interview people and brands such as Topo Designs. I graduated from University last year and have a degree in Journalism and the power of interviewing and the techniques of doing it properly is one of the most useful things I learnt whilst studying. I find interviewing is a great way to learn more about particular topics, and I’m not just talking about you. See, with my most recent article on ‘How To Live Life To The Fullest’ as an example, it’s a creative piece in which the majority of the content is me talking about my opinion, with references to other articles and people. With interviews, I am able to ask questions to the interviewee and learn new things myself with the answers they provide. So when you are reading an article that includes an interview, you aren’t just getting my personal opinion or knowledge, but someone else’s too.

It’s a real valuable tool and I recommend that you start interviewing people for your blog if your not already. Anyway enough about interviewing (if you would like a whole blog post on why I think interviewing is so good then let me know in the comments section below). I reached out to Topo

I reached out to Topo Designs and was able to talk with Jedd Rose, founder of Topo Designs. This article takes a detailed look at the history of the clothing company, how they started, as well as a great quote from Woody Allen and some valuable business advice from Jedd Rose.

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The History of Topo Designs with Jedd Rose


Topo Designs is a clothing company based in Colorado that specialises in backpacks, providing stylish apparel for travel lovers and adventures. Jedd Rose set up the company in 2008 after designing, developing and sewing backpacks in his basement in Fort Collins, Colorado. Whilst Jedd was designing, co-founder Mark Hansen began looking for local contacts that would be needed to produce the backpacks.