Ways to Use Stainless Steel Mesh in Your Business

As a business owner, you likely look for ways to better the operations and how to expand your product offerings. When these thoughts come to mind, consider using stainless steel mesh. The diverse ways to use this material make it useful for organizations in many different sectors.

Beneficial Properties of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

This item is highly versatile and has many great properties. Firstly, stainless steel provides strong protection against corrosion.

Also, the mesh structure features wires that are physically welded at every intersection for great strength. The durability of the product makes it terrific for industrial applications, lasting through high temperatures and a range of weather conditions.

Your business can enjoy peace of mind that the wire mesh is firm and dependable when you choose a supplier like SSWM. They have been active in Australia’s stainless steel wire industry for more than 25 years.

Types of Mesh

Stainless steel mesh can come in many different forms, with each one having practical applications for businesses. Here are a few common types and their best uses for organizations.

Bolting Cloth

Stainless steel bolting cloth, for example, is commonly used in the food & beverage industry, as well as in mining applications. It can be seen in chemical and pharmaceutical environments too.

Bolting cloth has a bigger usable area than commercial grade stainless steel mesh, which makes it great for higher throughput. It is very durable and low maintenance.

Stainless Steel Hollander Mesh

This hollander mesh, which is also known as dutch weave mesh, is often used for filtering fine liquid. It is also handy for high-pressure filtration situations.

Typically, this type of mesh is used in the petrochemical, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries. Wastewater treatment centres can also benefit from its use because of its low pressure loss and high flow rates.

Woven Wire Mesh

Stainless steel woven wire wish is another high-strength material that can benefit your organization. It is made for long-term use and has a low impact on the environment.

This commercial-grade mesh is often utilized for filtration purposes, as well as for screening and sieving. Other activities it is often involved in is food processing and drying.


There are many more kinds of mesh that businesses can benefit from. For bushfire protection purposes, your company might also look at bushfire mesh, for instance. Or, your business might invest in speciality window mesh to keep out insects.

Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Mesh

As with most things, there is not only one type of stainless steel mesh. They come in different grades of steel:

  • T-304
  • T-316

They have different chemical compositions that could make one the better choice over another. T-316 stainless steel is sometimes called marine grade as it has more corrosion resistance to it than T-304, particularly in saltwater conditions.

Another consideration is the length and width. Being able to cut the mesh into the size and shape you want is a definite advantage of the material. That way, it fits well into its intended application within your operation.

The Many Uses of Stainless Steel Mesh

For your business, consider adding long-lasting, reliable stainless steel mesh. It could help increase productivity or be useful in processing a new product. Keep learning and expanding your business for a successful future!