What to do After You Have Created Your Blog

If you are somebody that loves to put pen to paper (or in the modern-day, fingers to keyboard), then starting up your journalist blog could be a smart move. This gives you the chance to express your thoughts on any given matter, whether that is the criminal justice system like we do here, the latest news, or business. However, once you have built your website, is there anything that you need to do after, and if so, just what is it? 

Think about SEO 

Anyone who is familiar new with creating online content will have no doubt encountered the term SEO a few times. However, as a beginner, you may not be aware of how important this could be to your blog. This is one of the most commonly used terms in online marketing and one of the most important concepts for your to grasp if you hope to implement successful online marketing strategies for your new blog and articles.

Good SEO practices will help your website to appear higher on a search engine results page when someone searches for a keyword or phrase that is relevant to your content. When you rank higher on such results pages, you are more likely to get the web traffic that you would like to be seeing for your website. 

The topic of SEO is one that online marketing experts spend their careers understanding. It can be tricky in that search engines like Google are constantly updating the algorithms that they use in order to rank websites. Keeping up with these updates and utilizing the information that is available about search engine rankings is enough to keep an online marketing professional quite busy. According to Liam at Safari Digital in Sydney, there were more than six significant Google updates in 2021 which had widespread impacts across almost every industry including major websites like WSJ and NY Times which recorded notable dips in traffic following throughout the year. However, it is important. If you are looking to improve your blog’s search engine rankings in order to increase web traffic, then you need to look into SEO.

Link Building

When you are trying to build your online presence and optimize your website, link building can be a valuable tool. Essentially, link building involves the manner in which other web pages link to your pages. By having a link to your website embedded on another credible site, you can thus improve the credibility of your own site in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

This is arguably one of the more time-consuming and complex aspects of SEO. For this reason, entire online marketing agencies specialize in link building on behalf of their own clients. Finding the right sites to link to your own is an art form and isn’t the easiest part of improving your SEO. You can learn more about this topic at

Focus on Quality Content

With so much to do with your new blog, you might be tempted to rush out lots of content at once. However, this is foolhardy. Search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms in order to provide users with the most relevant content possible. If the content on your site isn’t of a high-quality, then it won’t be likely to rank very high on a results page. Therefore, your content will be seen by few people. Therefore, never rush the process of creating and uploading your content to your site. 

Keep it active 

Keeping your site active is incredibly important. You need to be checking in on it regularly to ensure that nothing is harming your efforts. If you leave your website stagnant and untouched for too long, your ranking position could become affected. Updating and adding new content to your website is important in so far as it indicates to a search engine that the site is still relevant and active.