Why your day should have a purpose with Nicole Eddy

Blogger, Photographer

Why your day should have a purpose with Nicole Eddy

Nicole Eddy is a South African creative blogging about lifestyle, travel, healthy living and various other features. Her blog has built a positive atmosphere and a place that both documents her life but also shares long-form, in-depth features on particular topics such as finding your own goals and purpose. Nicole is also a photographer and is one of the creatives featured in the up-coming, Kickstarter-funded magazine, Lost Found Quarterly.

Having a purpose and our own goals in life is something Nicole Eddy talked about in her recent blog post. The fact that people are idolising other people in todays society and wanting their life instead of carving out your own purpose is one of the interesting and thought-provoking features that Nicole shared her view on, at nicoleeddy.com. Purpose is another area Nicole highlights in this interview and why you should have a purpose for each day, plus knowing why your alarm is going off at stupid o’clock. 

I had the chance to talk with Nicole and find out about her path to where she is today, what keeps her positive and how she got involved with Lost Quarterly.


How did you become a blogger? 

I guess I’ve always enjoyed writing my stories down in a descriptive way from quite a young age however I never really gave it any more thought. It was only when I had to create a blog for a project in 3rd year that I realised how fun this is, however I lost interest after the project was due and other work began to take over. When my boyfriend, Ben, bought me my own domain name (www.nicoleeddy.com) in the hopes that I would continue writing in my spare time, I gave it a shot and haven’t really looked back.


What advice would you give to people looking at perusing their dream career?

Whatever age you are, jump straight in. I wish that I had started blogging earlier instead of being too shy to share my work in fear of what everyone would think. Who knows what I might be doing right now if I did. I think it is also important to nurture your dream as dream are precious things, you have to be willing to protect it from negativity or judgement, or whispers that you are being unrealistic. Don’t listen to them.

What keeps you positive and motivated on a daily basis and what would you say to someone to try and keep them positive?   

Well, I definitely have my down days where it feels like the world is out to get me but I always find being outside by myself or sharing moment with special supportive people helps me to regain my positivity and motivation. I think that everything that you do during your day should be done with purpose, when your alarm goes off at an unreasonable hour it is important to remember the reasons behind why you are getting up instead of rolling over, and if your reason doesn’t make you want to get up most days of the week, it’s time to rethink things.

Who is your idol and why?

Hmmm…I am always stumped when I get asked this question. I don’t have one idol in particular as different people inspire different areas of my life, so for me it’s a range of people from female athletes to those who selflessly dedicate their lives to causes much greater than themselves, for example, Jane Goodall, the late Jenna Lowe, Nelson Mandela etc.