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If you have an article proposal or an idea then send me an email, and you never know you may have an article published in the next magazine as well as on the website.


The article must be relevant to the 99 Percent Lifestyle audience, it must be content revolving around creativity, it must provide some form of value to the 99 Percent Lifestyle audience and it must also appeal to both men and women.


Articles need to be over 1300 words (ideally over 2000) and include 5+ photos (photos that you own). If you don’t have any photos then let me know, as there may be some photos relevant to your article that I can add.


Unique ideas that stand out have a better chance but don’t make the article to niche. Articles that only appeal to 50% of the 99 Percent Lifestyle audience isn’t going to work. If you are wondering what to write for 99 Percent Lifestyle then look through previously published articles to give yourself a better idea. Please read the About page to get a clear understanding of the topics that this brand covers also.


I receive guest post submissions every day and most of them I reject. The types of articles I tend to accept are ones that are well written, detailed, valuable and articles that haven’t clearly been written in 20 minutes just to get a backlink to the writer’s website. Here is the perfect example to a fantastic guest post that was published in February 2017: How To Build An E-Commerce Website – A Step By Step Guide. This article is detailed, valuable, long, relevant and has actually been thought about in order to provide the most value to the audience. Because this article was that valuable it has led me to share this article well past the date it was published, it has been shared on other pages such as the page you are reading and I even gave the writer a discount on a print magazine advert to say thank you as well. It’s clear what articles have had time and thought put into them and which ones haven’t. By putting in time, value and thought you have a great chance of your article being accepted and for it to be featured on the website or magazine for years to come.


Please send ideas before submitting actual articles, I’d hate for you to write an article and it then be declined. Submitting a few different ideas may also be wise.


Head over to the Contact Page to submit your proposal.

Please note that I receive guest post submissions daily and cannot accept every proposal. I will try my best to respond to every email.


Conor Rees – Founder of 99 Percent Lifestyle

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