Your Business Needs An App To Move With The Times

Your Business Needs An App To Move With The Times

However you define them, small businesses are part of the lifeblood of any economy. In the UK, studies show that more than 99 percent of businesses are small. How you define a small business may vary, but the definition used by the government shows that your business probably falls within it. Although the businesses themselves may be small, they employ more people than any other sector.

For your business, you can look at this as the glass being half full, or half empty. On the one hand, it does mean that small businesses can thrive and create jobs in this economy. If your idea is strong and your business sense sound, yours can be one of them. On the other, it does mean that there is a crowded marketplace out there. So if your idea or business sense are sluggish, you’re at a disadvantage. You need something original, and the design vision to make it happen.

What Makes A Small Business Small?


Primarily, if you’re going by official definitions, it is the number of people you employ. If you have fewer than fifty employees, you’re most likely a small business. That’s the official bit. If you want your business to grow larger, you will need to think like a big business. Not in terms of how much you can spend – Coca-Cola can throw millions at an initiative, you cannot. But in terms of ambition, you need to think big.

What Do Big Businesses Have That You Don’t?


Big and medium businesses tend to have an established foothold in their market. They also have bottom lines that allow them to speculate, and grow by spending. As a smaller business, you will also need to spend. You’ll just need to be more circumspect. And of course, this makes it a bit of a tightrope. Yes, you need to be careful and ambitious at once. Get your head around that for a moment.

What Can You Do That Big Businesses Do?


As small businesses, we are in a better position than our counterparts of twenty to thirty years ago. The major reason for this is that the digital age doesn’t demand that we buy up acres of billboard space or have huge floor space. We have the internet, social media and viral marketing, which amounts to free advertising. Harnessing it well is far from easy, but is doable.

What we also have, and this is an even more recent development, is the smartphone. Apps are so prevalent these days. You don’t have to go “online” as such to do a lot of things. Most of us don’t use a browser to Tweet, use Facebook or even read the newspaper. So you need to move quick and be creative to grab your market share. Your business needs an app.

Are You Saying My Business Needs An App?


Yes, I just said that. It’s not just the social networks, football teams and TV channels that have apps now. It’s not even just the big retailers; more and more smaller businesses have them. So if you want to be in people’s eyeline, you need to look seriously at mobile app development. You need to be on the screen they look at most often. Not to mention that by having one, you can use push notifications to grab attention.

You can probably think right now of a dozen small businesses – competitors of yours, many of them – that don’t have apps. Exactly! This is your chance to get ahead of them. But it won’t work if you just have a dead app. You need to give it something that means people keep opening it. Use it for loyalty programs, customer engagement and special offers.

Being creative doesn’t mean just doing something your competitors are, it’s doing it with a clear end result. From the app logo to the furthest reaches of the app itself, it needs to live. Otherwise, when people’s phone memory fills up and they need space you won’t survive the cull. So you need an icon that stands out, but also an idea that makes it stand up.

Being a small business and aiming to be big doesn’t mean saying, or thinking “Who are Coca-Cola anyway?”. They’re a multi-billion dollar company and you aren’t. It means thinking about your next step and giving your business space into which it can grow. If you get that right, then you could one day be looking at the big hitters with a confident glint in your eye.

You won’t get far if you try to run before you can walk. But putting on your trainers in advance doesn’t hurt.